Mike Carpenter      Volare Team

Mike has over 5000 skydives and has represented Great Britain 7 times at international competition and world and european records.  Mike trains full time for international and national Freefly Skydiving competitions and is also a BPA/ IBA and USPA freefly coach.We love to fly, we love to teach others to improve their flying.  If you’re just starting out, or require top level, world class coaching, then we can help you achieve your goals.

Bronze at World Championships
Silver at World Challenge
Gold in British VFS and Artistic Nationals

Nils Predstrup           Funkflyz Team

Artistic bodyfly is an idea shared by many freeflyers worldwide.
After freestyle flying in competitions for 7 years, I’m taking my flying one step further.
I’m using the freedom of movement in the sky to create a stage of expression.
The freedom of movement in the sky and the ability to completely surrender to gravity is so power full and hold a huge potential that is just waiting for us to go and explore.
My passion is to learn, document and communicate this freedom in an expressive form of flying dance art – I like to call Artistic bodyfly.
My idea is to show a place where we can live our dreams, a place where people can fly. I think inspiration is very important in all human lives. I wish to inspire people thru
artistic bodyflying.

1999: 5th place, World Championship,
Gold, Danish Nationals.
2000: Bronze, World Cup,
Gold, European Cup.
2001: Gold, World Air Games,
Gold, World Championships.
2002: Gold, World Cup.
Gold, European Cup.
2003: Gold, World Championships.
2004: Gold, World Championships.
2005: Gold, Malevsky Cup.
Gold, World Cup.
Gold, World Games

Latest News

Jun 09

British Armed forces training.

The Freefall Uni having been audited by the RAF and approved as a contractor to the British Armed forces recently played host to an official expedition from the Army foundation College . 13 Soldiers completed the BPA A License 18 jump course ( Hybrid: Tunnel + Sky ) in 4 days of Jumping.

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