Stuart James Abel, Scotland. AFF Gradute FFU Ocaña .

I did not really know what to expect when I came out here and was quite surprised just how much you have to do for your first jump. And just how quick it seemed an amazing sensory overload. Andy, my instructor pointed out that the secret to skydiving is to completely relax. He could not be closer to the truth!!! On the second AFF jump you will be more orientated due to the familiarity of hurtling toward the earth + safe in the knowledge that you are perfectly monitored by the instructors + should you make an error, they will quickly act on your behalf, as the jumps progress, so does the girth of the permanent smile on your face! Learning to arch properly could be an advantage prior to coming out.

This can be done on any flat surface, such a bed, simply lie on your belly and thrust your pelvis into the floor, head up, arms outstretched and raise your chest upward. After the first day I was felling muscles I never knew I had!!! The course is very well structured and there is never a problem getting on the next load, the instructors are very relaxed and explain thinks clearly, concisely and are reassuring. All the instructors were very experienced, open individuals who go out of they way to make you feel relaxed and welcome (they are also a great laugh). One warning!!!! I May have is that you must be prepared to spend more on jumps that you may intend prior to coming out. Skydiving is truly addictive!!! There is so much to do and learn when you are up there and it is overwhelming!!! The one teacher one student is also a great bonus, they know exactly how you are progressing and any “twcars”(???) that may be needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Freefall University and Aranjuez as a fantastic place to learn to skydive, the place is amazing and my instructor was top notch, it will not be long before I am back!!! 30 jumps is not enough!!!

Tim Founds , AFF Graduate FFU Ocaña .

Just do it!! Cant think of anything to say that isn’t a cliché, as soon as you are in the plane on the way up you are entered into a different world!

My primary instructor was (Bristol) Andy, who I cant recommend him highly enough, very very professional and fun. Others I jumped ( once qualified ) with were (Swiss) Andy, Carlos and Christian, all excellent… sunset 2+3 ways ….were f*:king cool!!! So, stop thinking about doing it and get yourself there!!!



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