Stephen Jefferson, Freefall University Ocaña, AFF Graduate.

My ground school and first 5 jumps with Danilo (Danny secondary) were great. Everything explained so well and demonstrated before each jump. After level 5 my confidence went, I donít know why, so I had a day and a half sitting, enjoying the weather and thinking.
I spent time talking to Andy and Uli and went back up. Levels 5, 6 and 7 went without a hitch and everything seemed so easy. The main thing for me was to actually do it, being scared of flying and heights. But after the first lift the problem with flying seems to have gone.
Everything about the course, from the training to the socialising, is great as everyone is so friendly and helpful. So donít think about it just book up and do it.

Richard Houghton, Freefall University Ocaña, AFF Graduate.

After being welcomed at the dropzone and shown around I could not wait to get started. the first half day is ground school. Then the nervous first jump.The adrenaline rush as you leave the door with nothing for 13500 feet below, is amazing. But then its straight into a well rehearsed routine which ends in the “first pull”! Don’t plan on much sleep the first night, 50 seconds freefall plays on the mind all night. The next 5 levels fly by. Somewhere around level 5 it stops being scary. From now on its all enjoyment. Level 7 is a nail biter but only because of the pressure I put on myself to pass. Then came the solos fun, fun, fun with the consols and beyond. “Copper up for just one more”.

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Jun 09

British Armed forces training.

The Freefall Uni having been audited by the RAF and approved as a contractor to the British Armed forces recently played host to an official expedition from the Army foundation College . 13 Soldiers completed the BPA A License 18 jump course ( Hybrid: Tunnel + Sky ) in 4 days of Jumping.

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