Monkey Monday Mike

As mentioned yesterday, a flying week with some amazing students. We all decided to go for a meal to cheers restaurant. I manged to stuff a large burger and fries, however Louis showed me how they eat in Scotland finishing …

Rated S for Skygod.

Exclusive : Rated S for Skygod. “The boys are back in town” is coming to a cimema near you this Autum and Winter. Introducing Tony Stack , Jon Edmomsom, Andy Glegg and Mark Atherton the film is already tipped for …

Level 7 – The leap of faith.

Check out Carl Brittens smoking turns and shaking hands with his instructor on his AFF level seven.

Clarke ..ready to rock and roll ?

Check out Clarke Gibson as he completes level seven in the accelerated freefall skydiving program.  He opted for the dive exit followed by the roll , instead of the roll ( unstable ) exit. Out , Stable , heading alti …

On The Wings of Zeus

Josh at 25 skydives is flying on the wings of the gods , seen here completing one of his A license jumps.

Jean Luc Level 6 Skydive

Jean Luc who came to our skydiving school from Belgium  gets to watch a demonstration of the AFF Level 6 Skydive with Vincent going out the door in front of him before he does the exit himself.  Jean Luc cracked …

Kamilla Coached Jump

  Kamilla who earlier completed the accelerated freefall skydiving course with us  is growing in skills and confidence . She is packing her own parachutes having completed the packing course early in her time here and now jumping more intermediate …

Jonny Morton Accelerated Freefall Level 7

Jonny Morton from Northern Ireland completed his AFF course with us , here is his level 7 skydive.

Rated ” F ” for fun.

Coming soon to a screen near you! Joanna and James take a break from  the stress of London City Life and escape for a weeks skydiving in  Madrid. Our week long and weekend breaks are the perfect stress relief. Rated …

Sebastian Badea AFF level 4

Check Out Sebastian Badea complete his accelerated freefall level four in style.

Kamilla , International A License

Kamilla from continental Europe having learned to pack completes the dive to pin in style.

North West Skydivers

Stephen Steward joined a group of 15 skydivers from the UK who are with us for some October Skydiving. Stephen is from Skydive North West a center we ca thoroughly endorse to both our students and people who are hoping to …

Mach decimal 79

Adrian  from London who purchased an additional 300 jump tickets with us to increase his target to 500 jumps in his stay with us is taking advantage of both our freefly and wingsuit coaching. He recently completed the Wing suit …

Zelem Accelerated Freefall Level Four

Большая работа ! Nice Job Zelem  ( from London but originally Russia ) on your level four skydive. Great Exit with the instructor , just a legs out signal once in freefall and then its down to the learning objectives: …

Domingos Mamede AFF Level Four

An Exercise in precision. Check out Domingos on his accelerated freefall level four skydive. He did a linked exit with his instructor , Ryan and without any corrective signal fixed up his legs ( pushing them out ) before getting …

Senor Tropicana and the Gold Medalists

From Senor Tropicana with a really bad hairpiece to BBteam firing on Magic bullets the guys are champions!

John McConville : Level 5

Even though Saul tries to steal the limelight on this jump with an  super confident exit clearly John is the star of the show. Fantastic level 5 skydive John… level 6 next.

Colin Foz Level 4

Colin Foz! Super float style  exit ( great  presentation to the “relative wind”   and one formation skydivers would be proud of )  and super level 5 skydive !

Ellie Southworth level 5

Ellie Southworth you go girl! What a fantastic jump ( undocked exit included ) with some crisp turns and heading control. Level 6 next.

Natalie Williamson level 6

Natalie Williamson ! Step out to get out Awesome skydive here for level 6. Loop the loop wow.. The little turn you had afterwards was controlled wonderfully after momentarily getting a little ” brisk “. Nice.. level 7 with some …

Greg Young LEvel 3

Greg Young kicks it on his level 3 . Stable on heading and released by both Instructors. Notice the fine adjustments both instructors make to stay within reach of Greg. Sometimes the vidoes give the impression of falling straight down …

Chris Marks level 4

Chris Marks level seen here in his level four. What an excellent skydive !

Haymish Payne Level 7

Haymish Payne rocks and rolls on his Level 7 skydive.

Hamish Payne AFF VII

Carlo Turzi AFF Level 6

Carlo Turzi in style ! on his  AFF Level 6.  The handshake is normally reserved for level 7

Luke Murray AFF Level 5

Luke Murray AFF Level 5

Steven Cosgrove AFF level II

Steven Cosgrove AFF level II

Martin Garnish Level II

Martin Garnish Level II

Sean Healy AFF 6

Sean Healy AFF 6

Martyn Dawson AFF 6

Martyn Dawson AFF 6

Simon Fisher graduation jump

Video of Simon Fisher on his level 7.

Tom McGee Tearing up the sky

Check out Tom on consol number 11!

Thomas Deex graduation jump.


Euan Smith Graduation jump

Euan Smith on his level 7 ! AFF in 2 days.

Phil Ebner graduation jump

Philip Ebner Graduates in style !  

Chris Moxham level 7


Skydiving video test

this is a video type entry on the cms

BBteam training

Freefall University sponsored team ” BBteam ” in final training.

Mani Bostock level2

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Charlie FS1 4 way

Charlie Got his formation skydiving course done in 2 days.

Rob FS1 4 way

  Congrats to Rob who sped through his formation skydiving course.

Andy Chappell level 5

Rhoddri Judd level 4

Harry Sheppard Level 5

Nathan Jones AFF Level 6

Freefly to the MAX

With a minimum of two turbine aircraft ready to get to 13,500 feet on hand at  all times we are seeing a rewarding increase in the number of fun jumpers choosing  our dropzone for their skydiving.  We are have many …

Joe McGee AFF Level 5

New arrivals

A big welcome to Aaron, Darren and Matthew, they just arrived and straight to ground school with Darren.

James return

Wing suit Camp Feb. 2011

Rob Pembrey Level 7

Charlie graduation jump

Thank you Charlie:-)

FFU Skydive Madrid (Ocaña DZ)

AFF Demo Video

Jorge 1st 3 way

Bad boys are taking the world.

In Miki’s head.

Jordan Lowe graduation jump

BASE trip to Switzerland June 2009

Fraser Mchanzie 50th

Fraser did his AFF Course with us last May and nobody can stop him now, 50 jumps so far, congratulations Fraser:-)

Last BASE trip to Italy

Meet the crew, Paula, Nasko, Miki, Chana and Danilo

Radical Rob:-)

Philip Birch level 5 (AFF Grad April 2009)

Louis Blight level 5 (AFF graduated April 2009)

Phil Stuart Level 5 (AFF Grad. March 2009)

Craig Adamson Level 5 (AFF Grad. March 2009)

May the “Force” be with Scotland:-)

Tom Priddle Level 4 (AFF Graduated March 2009)

Mark Rose Level 7 (AFF Graduated March 2009)

Albert Higgins Level 7 (AFF Graduated March 2009)

Daniel Buckett AFF Graduated March 2009

Daniel By Plow Productions:-) after his consols. Nice one Dan

Ian Murrells Level 7

Ian Murrells AFF Level 3

Formation Skydive Week

A whole week worth of men in tight suits…. What could be better

Phat B*st*rds Team

Blue Skies, nil winds, fast women and tumbling morrons. Welcome to Madrid

Kevin Birthday Skydive Video

Tandem Skydive

Flat Vs Freefly

Almost but not quite ! But for sure worth a mention , check out Sylvester who trained with us as an AFF student 2 years ago back for more on this dive. He has learned to sit and attempted to …

Freefly Camp

What a total success ! We completed 60 freefly loads in 4 days and people are already asking when we run the next camp  here in Spain or Portugal ( watch this space ) . The fastest and most powerful …

Thomas Lee level 7

Congratulations to Thomas Lee who completed his AFF Course with us here at the FFU Spain.

James Somerville level 7

Well done Also to James Somerville who completed our AFF skydiving course. He too is from Wales.

Gwilym Wilkins level 7

Well done to Gwilym Wilkins who finish his skydiving course. He is from Wales and his home dropzone will be Skydive Swansea.

Gwyn Llewelyn level 7

Well done to Gwyn Llewelyn  who completed our AFF Course , he trained with Ulli. Here is his level seven.

Alastair Packard level 5

Well done to Alistair here on his level 5 skydive. Think you will agree , top job !

Alistair Packard level 7

Sweet Skydive Alistair . Congratulations on passing your AFF course with a text book level seven jump.

Jordan Maguire level 5

Great job Jordan ! Here is Jordan on his fifth aff skydive with us.  Nice and relaxed , great turns and pull sequence .. rock on to level six !

Jordan Maguire level 3

Great aff skydive Jordan! This is Jordan recent aff graduate here in Spain on his level three.

Robert Bolton level 5

Congratulations to Robert Bolton who finished the accelerated freefall course. Here is a video from his level 5. Its a perfect skydive and an insight into hand signals from your aff teacher. Check Ulli give him ” two fingers ” …

James Tasker level 7

Congratulations to James Tasker who completed one of our AFF courses in 2 days jumping. Very well done.

James Tasker level 5

Here is James Taskers AFF level five from his accelerated freefall course.

Birdman First flight course

We are now running a range of birdman courses from beginner to

Neil Davies AFF Grad LVL 4

Well done to Neil Davies who finished our AFF course

Neil Davies Level 3

Here is a view from the inside on Neil Level 3 aff skydive.

Adam Brickley level 7

Sweet AFF skydive Adam. This level seven is fantastic! Only advice would be to slow down  a little  turning so fast lead to the oversteer but no problemos. Great track and canopy control.

Adam Brickley : AFF Level 3.

Well done to Adam Brickley , recently graduated one of our AFF courses. Here we see Adam from the perspective of both the mainside instructor and the secondary instructor. What a great level three, the odd movement but on the …

Peter Gould level 7

Hey Peter , way to go ! Great level seven . We cant quite tell what you were ” saying ” through the level seven to your tutor but it looks like you were well enjoying yourself. Enjoy your solo …

Kevin Rawlinson level 3

Sweet level 3 Kevin. Always nice to skydive with some cloud dotted around the place to get an impression of your speed. With no visual reference like this its often visually hard to detect your speed whilst skydiving untill you …

Kevin Rawlinson level 6

Kevin, Congratulations on graduating your AFF course. This video from your course shows how smooth your skydiving was becoming at the end of the course.

JP Taylor AFF level 6.

Congrats once again to JP Taylor who has completed the AFF skydiving course with us. Here is his level 6 where he pretty much had the requirements for level 7 sown up !

JP Taylor level 7

Ken Williams AFF Course level 3

Well done to Ken William on the aff course , here is an excerpt from his AFF level three skydive.  Ken as you see did great, a little legs in legs out which is normal but was really great to …

Andrew ” Top Gun ” McGrath gets back into the Skies over the Freefall University

Ok a long video if you are on a slow download but well Top Gun hadnt skydived for a while so as per the BPA rules we do a skills revew on the ground and in the air. As you …

Jamie Barclay level 7

Congratulations to Jamie Barclay who completed his AFF level seven skydive. 

Daniel Hickling – After the AFF course

Well Done To Dan Hickling who completed one of our AFF courses here in Spain. This is his fifth solo , the idea on consolidation jumps is three fold : to enhance your freefall skills, enhance your canopy piloting skills …

Aroa Kovacs level 5

Joanne Palfrey level 7

Ready , set ,, .. ready set… … go  What a great skydive after the buildup in the door. Heartfelt congratulations Joanne on a fantastic job on your AFF level 7.

Sarah Hughes level 3

Congratulations to Sarah Hughes who completed the AFF course.  Check out this terrific AFF level 3 from her course…

James Grant level 3

Here is James Grant on his level 3. Great job , slight turns that didnt phase you , alti aware and  sweet pull sequence … level 4 next !

Glenn James level 6

Congratulation to Glenn James on completing his AFF course.  Here is level six. Check out the recovery when he found himself on his back! Great job .. .looped right onto your belly

Vijay Patel level 3

Check out Vijay Patel on his level 3. Great job.

James Grant level 7

Congratulations to Jame Grant from the UK who has completed his AFF course with us. Here is his level seven. I think you will agree he did a great job! Enjoy your solo skydives James.

Chris Walker – Introduction to skydiving

Chris Recently joined us for our introduction to skydiving option.

Harry Richmond AFF Course level 3

Here is Harry Richmond on his level 3. Well done

Aroa Kovacs level 7

Congratulations Aroa on graduating your AFF course , i think on both your level 5 video and now your level seven thats the biggest smile i have seen through the whole dive on anybodies face. Well done and enjoy solo …

Simon Lyons level 7

Congratulations to Simon Lyons who completed his AFF course with us this morning , here is his AFF level seven. He went from never having skydived before to graduating a safe and confident skydiver. What a lovely level 7 Simon …

Simon Lyons level 5

Here is Simon on his Accelerated Frefall level 5. What a great job! This is the level where you really start to get freedom in the air and are tasked with completing 2 x 360 degree turns with a reasonable …

Nick Verbire level 7

Congratulations to Nick Verbire who completed his AFF course on the first load this morning. He is now skydiving solo. Nick started his ground school on Monday afternoon and got stuck right in to the AFF course.

Justin Camm Check Dive

Welcome back to Justin Camm an AFF graduate from earlier in the year. As it was some time since he last skydived he did a ” refresher course ” with in order to ensure nothing was forgotten . We go …

Jamie Barclay level 3

Congratulations to Jamie Barclay on his AFF course , here he is on level 3. Great heading control when released. Here we can see that Mark wins this time in the ” finger ” competition. The idea is on the …

Harry Richmond level 7

Congratulations to Harry Richmond who has just completed his AFF course with us in 2 days. Sweet high 5 !

James Clark level 7

Congratulations to James Clarke who completed our AFF course in 2 days.

Chris Ryan on his level 3

Top job on this level 3 Christopher. Congratulations on passing your AFF course and hope the solo jumping is all you expect from it .. lots a fun !

James Clark level 3

Congratulations to James Clarke who completed our AFF course in 2 days.

Thomas Watson level 3

Check out Thomas Watson on his level 3 . Best student pull I have seen in a long time ! Great exit too.

Ryan Superman C level 7

Way to go Ryan ! Congatulations.. solo skydive next . Thus turns were on a six pence !

Mathew Parkin Level 5

Matthew came out with his girlfriend Rachel who bought this course for him for his birthday ,, what a nice gift Rachel!

Simon Carter level 3

Check out Simon on his level 3.

Mrs Moneypennys first skydive

Nice skydive Mrs M ! A natural born skydiver.

Alastair Jamison level 3

Here is external video of Alistairs level 3.

Rodger Riley AFF Level 2

Check out Roger Riley on his AFF level 2 ! Top job. It is quite unusual to release a student on this level  but he was doing so well. You can see the instructors  kdding arround and also  ” playing …

Alan Gordon level 7

Congratulations to Alan Gordon who completed his AFF course with us

Alfred Jackson FS1 Dive

Well done to Alfred Jackson who completed his BPA FS1 formation skydiving qualification with us .

Timothy Walsh level 3

Check out Timothy Walsh a recent graduate on his level 3 skydive. Textbook stuff! Notice how close the instructors stay to him even though they have let go. You can actually see his mainside instructor ( left as you look …

Tim Walsh graduation jump

Check out Tim on his level seven, he is now skydiving solo. Super Turns Tim!

Stuart Champion level 7

Well done Stuart , a great course from start to finish with Andy G.

Philip Bailey level 7

Peter Slade

Matt graduation jump

Recent Base jump course at the FFU.

Would you like to learn to base jump ? Base Euphoria are Ulli and Paula full time at the FFU.

Robert O’Connor Level 7

Well done Robert on your level seven, a solo skydive for you next !

Gerard Thompson Freefall

Well done to Gerard Thompson here on his level four. Text book stuff…

Steven Kelly Level 6

Check out Stevens Exit on level 6 ! Top job dude.

Justin McCall level 7 – Super track !

Daniel Robinson level 4

Daniel Robinson 1st solo exit

Oscar low pass….

Jason Guess in the Sky

Here are some scenes and a very relaxed Jason in the sky. Jason graduated our AFF Course and completed more than the ten consols with us. Jason has now decided he wants to be a skydiving instructor. Several of our …

Grant McPherson fun jumping –

Grant completed his AFF Course begging of March this year! One more afreefall addict created

James Turner at the Freefall University

James did his AFF Course at the Freefall University at the end of last May, now look at him having some fun in the sky! James has more then 50 skydives at the moment. This video was made on second …

Chris Andrew Formation Skydive

Tom Smith fun jumping after consols

Tom did his AFF a few days ago, here we see him in some of his consols, Tom have more then 25 skydives at the moment, and he decided to extend his holidays for 5 extra days!

Vijay Ahuja level 5, 6 and 7

Great Job Vijay! You worked hard but made it look effortless. Love the camera geek just before you got a helping hand out the door on the last jump..

Andrew Baskerville Graduation level

Andrew on his last AFF jump, he is now graduated AFF and will jump solo next!

Andrew Baskerville AFF level 5

Check Out Andrew on his level 5, 360 turns! Fantastic skydive !

Gareth Mullins level 5

Check out Gareth Mullins .

Stephen Smith Check Dive

This was supposed to be a ” check dive ” but it turned into a demonstration of top flying skills

Dave Donegan Takes to the Skies !

Check out David Donegan hes back in town for some more fun jumping.

Tom Smith´s Level 3

Margos Check Dive

Check out Margo from Estonia. He trained with us last year

Tom Smiths level 6

Here is Tom on level 6. Mark what are you doing to the man with that music !

AFF Courses in Spain : Tom Smith Level 4

Tom Smith on level 4. This level sees a big change in your training. Down  to one instructor and the instructor gets out in front of you for the first time. Great Job Tom glad you enjoyed one of our …

Check Out Darcan on his level 3.

Darcan on AFF Course lvl 2

Check out Darcan on level 2.