Sinead Clear , IRL, AFF graduate, Freefall University SEP .

I was down at the IPC at the weekend, windy and cold but was great craic going up in the plane with “The Big Boys”!!

Was complimented on my “flying” so thank you to yourself and the instructors as I’m sure it would have taken me a life time to crack it if I’d stayed at static line progression.

Had a Mal on my 1 st jump, sort of a welcome home thing I think! Got straight back up and jumped again and was never so grateful to see a perfect canopy above my head!!

Thank you once again for the course and the wise words, I’ve given going back to Spain to become a drop zone bum a serious amount of consideration and thought better of it!!


Alan Fiddes, UK. AFF graduate, Freefall University SEP .

David, Just a quick note to say thank very much for my week at the Freefall University. As soon as I arrived in FFU, I was made to feel very welcome by yourself and Lolla. This was my first taste of the friendliness and professionalism that you, and your staff bestowed on me for the whole week.

I started the AFF course on the Tue morning, after a nice sleep in the apartment you had provided. The facilities were excellent here, and it felt very homely.

I could not have asked for a better instructor. Throughout my course he was very attentive, professional and full of knowledge. There was never a question asked, that he did not know the answer to, or endeavour to find out the answer. This experience and wealth of knowledge helped me in completing the AFF course in three days, and also completing 10 consolidation jumps and my level 8 jump, by the end of my holiday.

I could not have asked for a better atmosphere to learn to skydive in. I am already planning my next trip to FFU, hopefully in November, and again in December for the Xmas Boogie.

If the aim of your Company is to get people hooked on skydiving, then you have succeeded here, my whole week was outrageous, I have never felt such a big high as rolling out of a plane at 13000ft and screaming toward the ground with my helmet and goggles shaking. Thankyou. Please pass my thanks on to Brian , and let him know I will see him in December . Once again thank you.

Alan Fiddes

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