Roy Darville, Formation Skydiving Student.

Dear David,

I would like to thank you for the great time i had at the freefall University. My stay lasted for 10 days and I managed 38 jumps including 8 fantastic fs coaching jumps with Luci Boella and 2 four-way fs jumps. The DZ was great and professional and i would recommend it to anyone.

What i found most important was my friends AFF course virtually mirrored my own back at Chatteris in England. (10 out of 10) for quality and professionalism. I would also like to to thank Ronan Murphy from the Irish Army for his help and support in gaining my fs1 quallification. If all goes well i will be back sometime in September to see you all and of course improve my skydiving abilities more.

Thanking all involved

All the best, Roy Darville

Naomi FitzPatrick , Landing Accuracy Student Freefall University .

Hey all you AFF graduates out there! If you’ve not been back to Freefall University since you graduated – get cracking, get back and do the Accuracy Training Course.I graduated in January and went back for a few days in March. I did a refresher jump with Lucy coz it had been 8 weeks since I last jumped. This helped me get back into the swing of things and just be really confident and comfortable for the next few days of solo jumping. After a few fun jumps where I just chilled out and brushed up on the skills I learned in AFF, I found that I wanted to learn new skills and that’s why the Accuracy Training Course was so great. A target is set up in the field – X marks the spot! The objective is to land as closely and safely to it as possible. But it’s not just about landing near it in any way, shape or form because there are certain factors to take into consideration..

I found the Accuracy Training Course a great opportunity to develop new skills by building on what I learned as an AFF student and as a result I feel that I have gained a bit more experience in my skydiving. I landed within 5m of the target a couple of times and right beside it once which I was thrilled about. Personally, I want to keep learning new skills all the time so my skydiving will constantly be going to new levels and the Accuracy Training Course did that for me. So, I can’t wait to get back again ASAP and I think the FS Course will be next!

Thanks again Dave for all your creative, innovative instruction!!!

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