An early morning start . Section by Section we continue to build and expand our facilities. In the background is the packing hanger , the left is the manifest with ground control and to the right is one of our terraces from the bar.  We never stop improving , its something that drives us. We are working hard this year on new terraces and chill out areas .. Bean bags and large parasols recently added have been a big hit.  Were trying to figure out the logistics of big screens and projectors for the World cup now.

Joe,  Luke and Jon ready for the day to fire into action. Joe a flight attendant for BA gets to see the  world through his work, he told me that every time that he fly’s to the next country he wonders what the experience of jumping through the sky would be like.. After much time sat on that thought he is now with us in Ocana for the second time to complete his  Formation  skydiving course.

Provided the standards are met our BPA Advanced instructors can sign of BPA ratings onsite. British Instructors , british qualifactions but Spanish Sun 🙂


Good stuff Fred.. AFF and consols done in five days . Canopy in full flight with knees bent .. Your instructor thought you well Padawan 🙂

Vladamir from Russia, is a newly qualified Tandem master, he spends most his as camera man for Tandems. You’ll always here him joking and saying “VERY WELL, hello? VERY WELL?” He is a character not to miss and a great guy to talk with,  so if you find yourself with us here in Ocana, make sure you give him a shout.



Joe with Stephen and Daniel our german friends. Daniel has a lovely story to why he is here. His parents met through skydiving 45 years ago, unfortunately not on this DZ but still a amazing sequence of events then lead to Daniel our dropzone. After battling through some tough times he father always wanted to relight the fire that brought his parent together, as they stopped when the arrival of Daniel was expected. 45 years later, Daniel has passed his AFF with us here and has bought out our memorabilia in the shop, as well as an old jump suit. See you guys soon .

Advanced canopy courses are run daily on the dropzone now ( need your CH2, JM1 , Intro to ops manual  , BPA A B progression no problem … again courses start every day ) . Here a group is getting a final briefing on one of our courses for people with over 100 jumps .. Really the courses can be tailored to your needs, perhaps your having trouble with accuracy or the flare .. No problem we have the tailored course for you.

Here is a great picture board of the journey to the plane, every jump starts with preparation, rehearsing the exit to what you will be doing in the air, until everyone involved in the jump is happy with the practice they have put in. Our manifest team they give a 15, 10 and 5  minute call.  There are also flat panels dotted around the place with manifest loads and timings .. This is when our skydivers will prepare to check they rigs and then have another person (of correct qualification) to then double check the gear. Once the 10 and 5 minute call has passed the boarding will be announced. The most senior jumper will they work out who is to jump first and last and where the position of the skydiver are to sit.


Two aircraft run continously at the weekend and now we will start with two aircraft midweek.  A second bird will be opened up as needs be.  Our new fitted turbo 34 engines are doing the business nicely.. Wheels off to 13,500 feet in about 10 minutes ,, sweet as.



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