Phil McGaw . AFF Graduate

When I first set out to Madrid, there was thunder and lightning at London Heathrow, my flight was delayed for 2 hours due to “technical difficulties”, and the thought that “This isn’t meant to be” did cross my mind once or twice. However on arriving at the dropzone in Ocana the next morning, and feeling the buzz of excitement and anticipation from the other AFF students, hearing the enthusiasm from the instructors for the sport who literally live and breathe skydiving, it was suddenly contagious to not shut up about jumping!

The first jump came around pretty quickly, and for me personnally, I was more concerned with what I needed to do in order to pass the first level of the AFF course rather than the nerves of throwing myself out of a perfectly good aeroplane. Thankfully, the first jump went very well, and then the pace of the course really took off, doing a further two jumps that day, and four on the next which meant I completed the AFF course in 2 days(intense, but really satsifying). I could now start jumping solo and get my consoladation jumps in, which made skydiving a simply immense expereince in my mind. I completed the week doing twenty jumps, including my CATEGORY-8, and even managed to get myself on one of the sunset jumps which was one of my most treasured moments in the air, doing somersaults and tracking through the sky while the sun was setting, turned the sky into a mixture of orange and dark blue is something that you just have to experience. I met some great people during the week I was in Spain, and will be keeping in touch with them as much as I can, especially Ian ‘Ironman’ Newland, who in all honesty is a complete nutter, but a good laugh if you get the opportunity to jump with him. As for me now, I’m going to try practicing the things I’ve learnt and some advanced manuerves in the wind tunnel in Milton Keynes, and I think another trip out to Ocana isn’t too far away either. Thanks to David and all the instructors at Ocana, and the staff who work at the airfield. It was a great expereience I’ll never forget and try to repeat always.


Phil McGaw

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