Pete Cottrell, UK, AFF Graduate , Freefall University.

Freefall University? Is it the place to go do your AFF training? What can i say? Having had a little experience jumping ’rounds’ many years ago, i still wanted the freefall experience, now was the time. I scoured the internet and listened to many recommendations for skydiving schools at home and abroad, for various reasons, no-one could (..or indeed wanted to!!) cater for all my needs in teaching me to skydive. Cost was one main concern among others………. One compay in particular caught my eye

I felt most welcome and indeed everyone i have met here in FFU , with no exceptions, have been very warm, friendly, impartial and very informative ….usually though for the latter, a small bribe in local currency (BEER!!) is necessary. Also having spent much time and patience sourcing and providing me with my first ‘rig’, at a great discount, FFU enabled me to take part and complete the excellent and well worth while canopy course with Brian Vachers ‘Safe Flight School‘ flying my own canopy. You would be surprised at the amount of people who still cannot fly a canopy safely (i am!) and having learned an enormous amount from Brian (also my AFF instructor), i am safe in the knowledge that i will not be going down the same road as them. I am currently being coached through to my FS 1 qualification, having some of the best and most experienced skydivers at my disposal here in FFU , no doubt i will train further into other disciplines such as Freefly, CRW, etc

In a nutshell, FFU has all the experience, skill and resources to take you from a mere ‘landlubber’ to an utter skygod without having to rob any banks along the way!! Many thanks to all the people from FFU who are making this possible……… Dave Cowman, Luci Boella, Brian ‘the Tart’ Vacher and a big up for the ‘secondaries’… Danni Guerra, Ulli Bulli Mike Carpenter and Andy Guler.

Follow your head and stay rude………”

Richard Bell , UK, AFF Graduate , Freefall University.

Earlier in the year I had booked a week off work with the intentions of going lads holiday to Ibiza, the plan went a bit pear shaped though so I though I would have a wasted holiday week in the uk.. I was currentley doing a student raps course in the uk and had progress on the static line sytem in 15 jumps up to a 10 second delay. I had no plans to go anywhere on the week off work so i went to the Tilstock airfield as nomal on the Saturday, one for my freind there suggested i should get myself too Spain !! So after a short while of phoning around i got in contact with David. it was like……….’hi im richard i would like to do an aff course please’…..’not a problem when do u plan to come out’……….’tomorrow’!!!!!

David managed to arrange everything and the next day I flew from Liverpool airport to Madrid. After a short car journey to FFU , I met up with David and my instrusctor (a top geezer!)..we started off at level 3 because of my raps experience and from there sailed the way though to level 7 then did my hop and hop a few consoles later…

Baryy was easy to comunicate with and a superb aff instrucor……when i look back at my week in FFU , it was probably the best last minute desision i ever made, not only did i manage to complete my aff course , i met some great people too…hope your doing okay guys Paul, Liam, Danny and Steve top lads we had a laff!

Back here in the uk i have continued skydiving and have increased my overall jump number to around 70, i also went to Cyprus boogie and plan to visit FFU as well as russia later this year. This is an excellent course to go on i recomend it to all……Hope to see you all skydiving in the future


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