Paul Wainright , Freefall University Ocaña , AFF Graduate.

I arrived with very little knowledge of what to expect. The ground school with my instructor Uli was very relaxed yet also very professional. I do not have the words to describe the first jump, the first feeling of freefall, what I did know is that I wanted more!
My advise to anyone even considering to skydive is to just come here and try. You’ll wonder what you used to do before it was in your life.
My instructor Uli comes with the highest recommendations.

Kate Jackson , Freefall University Ocaña , AFF Graduate.

I arrived with some friends in the late afternoon – already skydivers – here to jump and another AFF student. Within what seemed like minutes we were whisked off the ground school. To find out what we know already (done static line) and to teach us what we need for freefall.
The following lunchtime we were ready for level 1.
Uli –my instructor- is enormously enthusiastic about the sport and I trusted him immediately. He instills confidence and I believe not only in his ability but mine too.
Jumping into the sky is a hugely liberating experience, with two instructors with you levels 1, 2 and 3 to help you with technique stability. After that there is one instructor in the sky for levels 4, 5, 6 and 7 to help you recover from unstable positions and enjoy the freefall and prepare you to play in the sky independently.
Are you ready to jump?

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The Freefall Uni having been audited by the RAF and approved as a contractor to the British Armed forces recently played host to an official expedition from the Army foundation College . 13 Soldiers completed the BPA A License 18 jump course ( Hybrid: Tunnel + Sky ) in 4 days of Jumping.

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