Birdman . Freefly , formation skydiving .. its all at the Uni

There’s nothing quite like first-class equipment for bringing out the very best in a student, both psychologically and practically; not to mention the fact that it makes skydiving a whole lot safer. That’s why we ensure that the parachuting equipment on your course has all been designed within the last few years, and that it employs state-of-the-art technology.

Main Parachute – Performance Designs

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Ask any AFF instructor which is the best parachute currently available on the market for student courses and they’ll tell you it’s the Performance Design’s Navigator. Widely respected for its forgiveness at the hands of students, this is the ideal parachute to learn on. The opportunity of using only the best equipment is another factor that enhances the parachuting experience on our skydiving courses.

Smart Reserve parachute

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Your reserve parachute (prescribed by law in the aviation regulations of most countries) is something we hope, on our courses, you will never need to resort to. However, in the unlikely event that you should, rest assured that the Smart Reserve parachute we use is certified far above all recognised benchmark standards for strength. When they were first launched, we appreciated the fact that the flight characteristics were very close to those of our main student parachutes.

Airtec AAD

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The last line of defence in the event of a freefall accident caused by, for example , becoming unaware of your altitude is the Airtec Automatic Activation Device. One of these is fitted to all our skydiving equipment. This digital technology keeps a constant check on your altitude and is designed, when you reach the critical point, to open your reserve parachute for you. We should point out that if this device fires because you have lost altitude awareness on one of our courses you will, for your own protection, be suspended immediately from jumping. Losing altitude awareness is the cardinal sin in parachuting , regardless of the number of jumps; it has cost several people their lives.