The accommodation and living facilities on the Drop Zone are first class – large, and in skydiving terms, luxurious. The Drop Zone provides all you need during the day and Aranjuez has plenty to offer in terms of nightlife.

School and Recreation Rooms

In our modern facility you will find many of the teaching resources and support tools used by our instructors as well as several DVD players and a selection of DVDs available for you to watch between jumps.

Relaxing Surroundings.

Chill out between jumps in our scrupulously maintained 25 metre pool. From the tranquillity of the pool, overlooked by the hotel, bar and restaurant, you can watch the parachutists floating to earth in the northern quarter of the landing area.

Full-time Bar and Restaurant

There are 2 bars and restaurants on the Drop Zone which is open from 8am until 10:15pm. Main meals and snacks are available at very reasonable prices. For example, a main meal will cost you 8 Euros,

Landing Area

The landing area is huge, with a surface of soft earth that’s perfect for students. All told, when you look down after opening, you’ll be looking over 30sq kilometres of unobstructed open space.

Your AFF instructor will be working with you during your AFF, and our Canopy Coach will be helping you hone your accuracy skills during your Consolidation Jumps. Together, they’ll have you landing dead centre in no time at all!


We currently operate 2 x Turbo  Pilatus Porter PC 6. These aircraft operate to FL150 or 13,500 feet. As we are registered as an airline we are subjected to stringent safety procedures and have a maintenance company onsite to take care of the aircraft.

DZ General

The Drop Zone is growing steadily, with professional training rooms and video debriefing facilities. A logical, uncluttered lay out is the order of the day. Manifest, packing hall and shop are all close together. There are shaded areas for packing, as well as a lounge in front of the landing area. Broadband internet access is available on the Drop Zone via WIFI. Schools for BPA AFF, FS1, FF1, FF2 and CH1 ratings are also available.