We launched the Freefall University in 2001 with the overriding ambition of providing specialist skydiving courses aimed at delivering Accelerated Freefall to students in a way that would be far more enjoyable than anything else on offer.  Our philosophy is: Top people, top equipment, topped only by maximum enjoyment.

Specialist Skydiving School.

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Although the Freefall University is primarily a specialist training school, we naturally welcome individuals and groups who wish simply to jump in either of our enviable drop zones. However, due to our evangelistic skydiving tendencies, we especially welcome those seeking training – be they beginners or experts. Every member of our team takes a professional attitude and approach to the way they fly, the way they teach and the way they conduct themselves in general.


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Our main Spanish  facility is  conveniently located just south of Madrid. Thirty  Minutes drive along the A4 southbound will take you to us. We can also be reached by train from the aiport which runs every 20 minutes or of course we can meet you in the airport.

Social Aims Continuous Improvement

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Our aim is to deliver outstanding training and at the same time act as ambassadors for our sport. Simply put, we care about our students and clients; this is evident from the instructors we choose for you to the equipment we supply you with. Our Drop Zone has allowed us to establish an ideal learning environment and our location means that, even when the sun sets over the landing field, your holiday is in no danger of being put on hold until the next day. We now have a full time accommodation rep in the Accommodation Zone in Aranjuez. They can show you around and purchases passes for you to places of interest such as the royal palace.

- Sponsored Athletes

The Freefall University runs a sponsorship programme which allows graduates and talented skydivers to apply for financial support to further their skydiving ambitions. A proportion of the course fee is allocated to our budget for this purpose. Preference is given to our own graduates; however, several non-graduates have also benefited from the fund.