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We are located in Spain with offices in London.

About the Freefall University

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The Freefall University was established in 2001 with the principal aim of bringing a fresh new approach to training and service in the skydiving arena. We recognised a clear need to enhance people’s experience of skydiving, from student level upwards, to raise people’s awareness of this most exciting, rewarding sport and, by so doing, to encourage its growth. Our own growth and success have gone way beyond our wildest dreams and today we find ourselves as the clear leader when it comes to delivering quality training right through from beginners to fully-fledged professional skydivers.

More about the Freefall University

Our Skydiving equipment

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Working as instructors in a variety of skydiving centres prior to the establishment of the Freefall University, we had become concerned about the surprising amount of out-dated kit that was being used; kit that we, as professional skydivers, would have been reluctant to use ourselves. From day one, we made it a hard and fast rule to use only modern recently-designed equipment so that students could see and feel the difference in their hands. Your skydive is only as safe as your kit.

Skydiving equipment and its maintenance

Why Train in Spain?

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There are a number of advantages to training with us in Spain, not least of which is the ideal skydiving weather. Losing time waiting for a shower to pass or the wind to die down is almost unheard of here. This chimes perfectly with our original Accelerated Freefall concept of a comprehensive skydiving course that can be completed in a short space of time.

Why are courses in Spain better?

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The cost of skydiving in Spain
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Our aim is to keep costs down. Yes, you’re right; you will find “cheaper” options. But it bears pointing out that learning to skydive with top-flight instructors, in a truly ideal setting, using state-of-the-art skydiving equipment doesn’t come at bargain basement prices. You’ll find details of our prices here.

The cost of skydiving