Welcome to the Freefall University news section for October 2006.


Congratulations to Georgina Cowley who finish our AFF programe and completed her consolidation jumps.

Vibeka and Thorben from the Danish 4 way team are pictured here working on a three way dirt dive with Derrick Potton who has joined us for his third skydiving holiday , he will also be back later this month.

Congratulations to Richard Sheish who has completed our Accelerated Freefall programme.

Welcome to Michael Cambridge who joined us for some fun jumping. He got to try out his new set of gear that he purchased through our gear sales programme.

Welcome back to Ian Gooderham who trained with us earlier this year. This is his third holiday with us this year since completing his AFF training .

Congratulations to Nicola Wiseman who completed our AFF course.

Congratulations to Steve Brook who completed our AFF course and consolidatio jumps.

Mark Darcy and Niall Minihan from Ireland joined us for an AFF course. Here are they wondering it seems .. is it a bird , is it a plane.. well its a bit of both really..

Andy Gregory and Justin Camm to the right are pictured here with several other FFU students getting ready to go to altitude. Justin joined us for the AFF course.

Meet Robert. Robert works part time in our Dutch client care team and part time in Manifest.

Luci Boella trained Niall.

Adrian Micklewright joined us and completed his Accelerated Freefall course.

Congratulations to Mark Russell who completed his AFF course.

A few beers ( well a case actually ) shared between graduates at teh end of a days jumping is mandatory. It is a a long standing tradition that you purchase a case once you finsih your AFF course.

Congratulations to Ricardo Vaz from Portugal who completed his AFF course.

Paul Ancher from Ireland has returned for another holiday with us to complete our BASE jumping course.

Rhodri Huws from Wales also joined us to for some more fun jumping . He did his AFF course with us last year.

Congratulations to Joseph Tester who joined us to do an AFF course and completed it in 2 days.

Derrick Potton joined us for another holiday, this third this year. He also brought some friends along to do a tandem so they could see what he keeps raving about ! Were glad ( like Derrick ) to say they loved their tandem skydives. In the background you can see another load getting ready to board. ,

Duncan Scholes joined us and completed an AFF course. He is pictured here during the ground practice for one of his jumps.

Oliver Taylor joined us for an AFF couse.

Meet Vibeke , one of our new team members at the Freefall University. Vibeke is the head of our Nordic client care team.

Joni Mallet also returned for another Holiday.

Simon Ainscough and Justin Camm joined us for an AFF course.

Chris Stanley is pictured here, he joined us for an AFF course and trained with Luci woh is on the right.

Interesting freefly , not quite sure how that worked..

Maria Richardson and Wendy Foster joined us for more fun jumping. They trained with us late last year and have been back several times now to jump.

Paul and Mark , two fun jumpers from the UK popped in for some fun jumping.

Sam Stokes has joined us for his fourth holiday since training with us earlier this year.

Oystein Backe from Oslo, Norway has joined us for an AFF course.

Patrick Staveacre has joined us for an AFF course.

Amy Craven also joined us for an AFF course.

Kevin Knapp a graduate from earlier in the year returned for some fun jumping. Pleasure to see you back Kevin and we look forward to seeing more of you next year 🙂

Congratulations to Derrick Potton , who joined us and completed his FS1 qualification .

This formation is a called a donut and one of the 13 shapes Derrick made on his 4 way.

Louise from Ireland joined us to complete the AFF course but did take the opportunity to try our a quad.

Here she is for with her instructor Vibeke.

Tom O Connor made his second trip to us in the last weeks. Tom originall trained with us 2 years ago just before we left Lillo.

Oisin McGrath also made the trip to us. Oisin is a military pilot and now a skydiver!


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