Christopher Begley completed his AFF course , consolidation jumps and formation skydiving course with us in under two weeks. His home dropzone in the UK is Hinton . Hes enjoying the views close to london as a fully qualified BPA parachutist and is already working on his ” B ” license!

dive exit

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track off

Tim Alsop has come back for some more fun jumping having qualified on our AFF course a few weeks ago.

Barry Barkey above on the right joined us from London to undertake an AFF course which he finished along with his consols.

Freddie Saul completed and aff course and consol jumps with us .

Elizabeth Williams came along to try out the introduction to skydiving and liked the jump so much she signed up on the spot for the remainder of the AFF course.

This month also sees us add a Cessna Caravan to the fleet. This 16 seater will cover the overhaul of ” Kilo Delta ” , one of the porters. We have sent it back to the manufacturer in Switzerland for conversion to a B2H4 34 variant meaning it will be ” fast type ” when it comes back. Already teams are booked into train with us from the H4 34 porter given its role in upcoming competition. Meanwhile we get to play with the caravan…

Mark Beeson joined us to complete an AFF course.

We have also had a group of fun jumpers take advantage of our full time operation. Martin , Ewa, Macief and Pawel are avid freefliers and have been enoying the sunshine.

The King of cool ! Scott Calcraft is pictured here modelling a dashing pair of freefall googles doing approx 120mph . Great body position mate !

David Cross joined us for an AFF course.

Glen Topley joined us for a weeks holiday to complete the AFF course.

Mike Shephard completed his FS1 formation Skydiving course .

Mark Uniit from Liverpool joined us for an AFF course .

Lee, a friend of Marks also came along and got on famously both in Aranjuez where the nightlife rocks and on the AFF course….

Sharon and Mark Garland returned for the third time this year for some fun jumping having completed the AFF course with us.

Like many they are taking advantage of the stupid prices the airlines are offering for travel to Madrid from several points in the UK e.g London – Madrid 30 pounds return.

Sam Stokes too joined us for a weeks jumping from the Caravan to work on his freefly skills.

Chris Judd joined us for an AFF course which he completed in no time at all with Andy.

Colin Davies joined us for some more fun jumping.

William Johnson joined us for an AFF course. He trained with Vaslav one of our BPA instructors formerly of Skydive Swansea.

Congratulations to Mike and Brian who went through one of our more advanced course. Every 3 months we run an AFF insturctors course. This course is open for people who have previous coaching experience, 1000 jumps and who wish to teach beginners as an AFF instructor. Its a tough course , Affectionatley known as ” hell week ” by anybody who has been on it. We also have course directors on staff if you wish to prepare for it.

Lee Clempson who trained with as at the beggining of the month on an AFF course was soon back to get stuck into the formation skydiving course. Lee has become a self confessed addict to the sport and has set himself the ambitous goal of becoming an instructor. There are many former AFF students of the Freefall University now teaching in various locations around the world to include the UK, Spain , NZ , US and Australia.

Colin Davies joined us for an AFF course.

Here he is in freefall , soon he will be getting into formation skydiving ?

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