.hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage { font-size: 10pt; font-family:Verdana } What can I say I had a great week, both in the air ond on the ground.  the atmosphere at the dropzone was pretty cool and relaxed and everyone had a good time.

Aranjuez was a cool place to be, we ended up finding really nice places to eat and as always some cool places to drink and re-tell stories from the day. I would definately stay there again as it’s not a long drive to the DZ and on a night you can walk anywhere and not have to worry about getting in a car or taxis.

The DZ as a whole was pretty good, I never got to see the new hanger finished but it looks cool in the pictures online. The old place was a bit tight in the packing area but I suppose the new hanger fixes that problem. All the instructors out there were really cool, not like some other I’ve met who can be a bit up themselves. Everyone at Ocana was friendly and helpful and even though they’re there for safety and very serious reasons they kept the fun factor without compromising safety, although the pilots are a little bit crazy eh!! Just kiddin, they were also good fun. My instructor personally was good, I got on really well with Mike, he didn’t make too much fun of me but he did call me a girl several times and wrote it in my log book, which has made some other instructors laugh when they read it 🙂  I thought Mike was really good and constructive in his feedback, explaining everything really well and in a simple manner my little mind could understand.

Basically I had one of the best weeks in my life and I loved it so much I coming back to get some more jumps in.

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Jun 09

British Armed forces training.

The Freefall Uni having been audited by the RAF and approved as a contractor to the British Armed forces recently played host to an official expedition from the Army foundation College . 13 Soldiers completed the BPA A License 18 jump course ( Hybrid: Tunnel + Sky ) in 4 days of Jumping.

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