Mikey Harris , FFU AFF Course graduate.

My first jump from a plane was in 2003 with the University of Portsmouth Skydiving Club. I completed 4 static line jumps in total that year but on the last, hurt my ankle quite badly and decided to stop for a while… 2 Years later (2005) I decided that I was going to do AFF in the UK and booked it. I managed to get to level 6 but was made to feel that I wasn’t good enough to be a skydiver as I could not seem to get the whole turning thing so, I basically gave up.

This was exactly 1 year ago. A couple of months ago I decided to myself that I was good enough to be a skydiver but just wasn’t given the support that I needed, so I called David at the FFU and booked a course for July. As soon as I booked it, I also booked 40 minutes in Milton Keynes wind tunnel to make sure that I had a good preparation for the course (purely because last year I was a very slow learner and I had to repeat quite a few levels). After 40 minutes in the wind tunnel I knew there and then that I was good enough to be a skydiver. Exactly one week later, I would be in Spain jumping for real!

Finally, the day came – 8th July 2006! I was up at 2am to get to the airport for my flight at 6am. I was greeted at Madrid airport by the lovely Aimee who drove me straight to the DZ. Once there, I immediately met my instructor, Luci. We started ground school straight away without hesitation. I completed my 1st jump at around 8pm the very same day. After knowing how bad I was last year, it was understandable that I had a few nerves before getting into the plane. On my previous AFF attempt, my nerves whilst in the plane and climbing to altitude were always completely shot and would feel physically sick. This time however, it was totally different. As soon as I got on the plane and we took off, my nerves just disappeared and I felt an overwhelming sense of euphoria flow through my entire body. I couldn’t believe it – Surely I couldn’t be excited when all previous attempts left me with a feeling of dread? Surely not? But I was, I was excited! My heart was obviously pounding quite fast but it was a nice feeling. This confidence, I believe came from a mixture of 2 sources. Firstly; the time in the wind tunnel made me completely believe that I was able to stay stable and turn when I wanted i.e. I COULD skydive!! – Second; Luci, my instructor, never at any point made me feel inadequate and was always very positive about my progression. I managed to complete the course in less than 2 days which, in my opinion is a complete credit to Luci.

By the end of the week I had managed to complete 25 skydives, including 1 Formation Skydiving (FS) coaching jump with Luci. Thank you so much Luci, you really are a star! Credit must also go to all of the instructors that were present at the time including Paula, Ulli, Tim, Pedro and Carlos. All of which gave me fantastic advice. I will be back for some more Ocana action in September/October to finish of my FS1 course with Luci. I am now totally hooked and I know that skydiving will now be a very large part in my life for a very long time to come!! Thank you everyone for a wonderful andmemorable time. It really was the best week of my life!!

Link to Mikeys AFF Course Skydiving video . This was made by Mikey from footage on his AFF DVD which is standard in our AFF courses.

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