Mick McGinnity , Ireland, Freefall University AFF Graduate.

Yes you could, sit by the pool all day getting lobster red being served Sangria…or you could go to the FFU and skydive. Now , no normal person wouldnt be frightened at the prospect of throwing themselves out of a perfectly working aircraft. I found myself making up Diety´s and praying to them , the ´God of everything is going to be all right and the ´Prophet of Safe Landings ´. But be assured safery is second to none and then its all fun, fun , fun !

The instructors are brilliant , making sure you are comfortable with everything before doing anything and your gauranteed to meet people from all walks of life , in groups or here on their own. And all there for one thing…to skydive…. Its also reassuring to meet people in the same ” boat ” ( or plane ) as you and I have made many good mates.

Another worry I had was that all the experienced jumpers and staff would be bravado charged , radicle , ” cant put me in a cage man assholes” . Everybody however was , pardon the pun, down to earth and when the sun does go down theres plenty of fun to be had with outdoor music, bars and BBQ´s.

Dont take my word for it , I am writing this on my third holiday back since learning and will not be my last ( Im already booked in for July ).

Skydiving has no rival and the FFU is the perfect place to start. So forget about sun sand and Sangria.

Go where the sky and the ground is the limit!

Mick from Dublin.

Jo Cox, United Kingdon, Freefall University AFF Graduate

We arrived without any problems on a Thursday evening, having hired a car, to find everyone gathered near the bar area talking about the excitements of the day. I was immediately introduced to the FFU team (and more importantly to my instrucor who somehow turned me into a skydiver).

The reality of what I was doing there didn’t sink in until about two in the morning but luckily as we were staying on the DZ I was able to roam the night smoking Fortuna and thinking “Oh my God, I hope I’ve got the balls to jump”.  We stayed in one of the little “cottages” ;o) Not exactly the Ritz but cheap as chips and when you’re that tired it doesn’t seem to make much difference.  Another good point is that you’re first in line to get on the first lift in the morning -though I recommend a strong coffee from the café before you’re first jump if you’ve been out at Latinos with everyone the night before.  Otherwise you might fall for the famous “look over there trick” :o)

Ground school was fun. At first it’s a bit daunting- there’s so much to remember. It’s amazing though, I arrived with nothing and now I know so much. The information kind of sinks in somewhere between the mock up door and the real one. By the time you’re staring at the ground from 13000 feet all you can think of is drills and at what altitude you should do what.

If we are going to be honest now, nothing can fully prepare any normal human being for jumping out of a perfectly decent, fully functional, aircraft. Luckily the FFU instructors are right there beside you, giving you encouragement and fill you with confidence all the way. Good job guys and girls, and thanks so much.

Each AFF level brings some new excitement (along with new skills of course) and once I had qualified I was dying to try out all my new tricks. Sadly my stay was only a short one and I didn’t have time to fit in all of my consols.

I can’t wait to go back. Keep the engines running people and save a seat for me!!


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