Liam Chambers , UK. AFF graduate, Freefall University OCT .

I have just completed two of the most exciting weeks of my life to date. Learning to jump out of a plane was made very interesting, exciting, fun but most of all the level of safety that was put forward gave me the greatest confidence to do what I never thought I would do. The Freefall University is both a very friendly place and a very professional site. I have left with some great new friends and some even better experiences.


Jill Duncan, UK. AFF graduate, Freefall University SEP .

After doing a tandem for charity last year, I was completely hooked and decided that an AFF course was the way forward. But I could never have expected it to be one of the best weeks of my life! I have nothing but praise for the instructors that I had.

They managed to make it entirely natural to “step out of the plane” at 13,000ft, and even after some appaling dives (i managed to get on the Uni´s “skydive nightmare video”- apparently throwing away the throw away is a good plan!,.. they still stayed patient. Dave and Luci gave the best pep talks in the world and were willing to spend hours on end building my confidence (“stop being so negative you just jumped out of a plane”- Luci)- I got there in the end and even managed 11 jumps in 2 days at the end of the week.

I would recommend the Freefall University to anyone. Both the English and Spanish instructors were so friendly and helpful and made us feel completely welcome. Thanks again to all the amazing people I met, particularly all of my instructors and Mikey (Euphoria)- for an amazing video/stills on one of my last jumps. And don’t worry Dave, we’ll be back :). Don’t think about it, just do it “‘cos skydiving rocks” (Brian Vacher after over 4500 jumps)


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