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Skydiving was one of those things I had always wanted to do. It was something i didnt want to live life without experiencing. So for my birthday I did a tandem skydive at the Irish Parachute Club in Offally. I loved it , the Freefall was amazing, I ended up doing a second tandem! When a friend suggested we go the FFU it sounded like an adventure and I just couldnt say no! When we finally arrived in Sunny Spain we met all tge team who were very friendly and such good fun!

My Instructor Tim and the team were all great people and it was such craic to learn with all the other students also. The atmosphere was simply great.

After a late night in Aranjuez the day I arrived I did the ground school the next day. When it came to the first jump I was quite scared. At one point on the way up I thought about not doing it, but the instructors were so encouraging and I jumped and I have never been so proud of myself.

I flew through the rest of the levels and what a feeling it was to graduate. My first solo was fantastic and an experience I will never forget. I left the plane and words cant describe the feeling. I went on to complete twelve more solos.

Aranjuez is a beautifull city , this is where the students and staff ate in the evening and where i stayed ( Infantes which is simple but very adequate ). I enjoyed this part of the holiday also. Sharing each others experiences and swopping stories. This down to our common interest.

I am really going to miss the FFU and the people I met. I wish I could skydive everyday. I will be back for certain and would reccomend the the FFU to everybody. For me it has been the trip of a lifetime … a truly amazing adventure.

You gotta try it..its a ” deadly buzz ” !

Steve Caddywould

For a couple of years now I have had this nagging in the back of my mind .. I wanted to skydive. Early this year I completed three static line jumps in the UK and even though the weather caused a lot of delays the seed was sown.

I choose the AFF course because of the high pass rate and I chose Spain because of the great weather ( no delays). The Freefall University was the obvious choice.

After the initial email to David Cowman the wheels were in motion and its been a smooth ride throughout.

The instructors are all great blokes and they all hail from different backgrounds providing a broad mix of experience and first class instruction.

Since I arrived at the dropzone I have been treated like one of the gang and it was this helped me to complete the AFF in the minimum amount of jumps. After graduating I have wanted to jump more and more and the team is always on hand to offer a bit of free advice.

Aranjuez itself has a great night life with everyone staying there including the instructors and every night has been a continuation of the day. I will definatley be back!


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