Katie Wilson , AFF Graduate, FFU Ocaña .

I am so pleased I did this AFF course, not only was it an amazing experience but it has built up my confidence in myself. Naturally I was very nervous at the beginning but the teaching from the instructors on each level helped you to conquer those feelings. I was so pleased to have one on one instruction from Andy Guler. Not only is he highly experienced but he’s funny and makes you feel at ease. Always remember to arch, legs, relax and smile!! For me, it wasnt until level 5 that I got the hand of it and really started to enjoy the flying.

Clowning around in the sky doing front and back loops, turns, tracking, etc is so much fun. I still havent quite got the hand of landings and spent some time wiping dust off my butt, but I guess that will come with time. Practice makes perfect. I’m pleased I chose to do the AFF course with the freefall University and in Spain. Everyone is so helpful and friendly and I even got the chance to learn a bit of spanish. Ive made some great friends along the way and look forward to meeting up with them at different dropzones around the world. For me this is the start of an exciting new challenge. For those of you considering doing it, go for it. If you can conquer jumping out of a plane at 13,000ft then you can pretty much conquer anything.

Brian Wilson, FFU Ocaña , AFF Graduate .

I was a bit nervous before I arrived but was met at the airport by Ulli and Paula and taken straight to the cheers bar to meet current students and the instructors.

Everyone makes you feel welcome and its very easy to settle in. I would highly recommend Andy Guler as an instructor. Very Patient and makes you feel very relaxed on the ground and in the air. If you have ever thought about doing this but keep putting it off for whatever reason, I suggest you get on with it because your missing out on the time of your life.



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