Welcome to June 2006 at the Freefall University Spain. Skydiving , Skydiving, BBQ, nightlife ,,skydiving … non stop ! Great midweek operation…dont struggle to get the jumps..

1st June 2006

The sunset load, possibly the best one of the day ( next to the first one 🙂 . Here a load full of Freefall University AFF graduates gets ready to take to the skies..

Here is the pilatus fresh back from the factory. Ready to claim the title of the fastest climber in Spain… Just got a part to put on the prop and were sorted..

Congratulations to Frank Carolan who finished his AFF course in Style. Frank is with the army and getting ready for selection. Getting his wings on this course was an important moment for him…well done.

Vidur Kipur who graduated our AFF course at the end of May has completed all his solo jumps , his CH1 and is still jumping to the max..well done!

David Donegan has also completed his A license..well done David.David is a soldier from Ireland and did fab on his course. Pleasure to meet you David and I look forward to seeing you out here again… best of luck house hunting !

Yes Sean, Life is good. Great to have you on our AFF course. We look forward to seeing you out here again soon!

Welcome Back to Louis Morell who trained on our AFF course some six weeks ago. He has come back to do some more solos skydiving and maybe get stuck into Lucies formation skydiving course.

Welcome back to Sam Stokes who trained with us a few weeks ago on one of our AFF courses. Sam is back to skydiving to the max and when we met in Aranjuez last night he seemed to be enjoying the nightlife too..

Aranjuez being a city of 100,000 people ( where your hotels are located ) is a ” Fiesta ” ( spanish for party ) town.. there is always something going on, concerts, fireworks, big clubs etc. ITs all there if you want it!

Nick Hybrid , Selmes ! Nicks being clocking up the jumps like theres no tommorrow. This is his fourth holiday with us since doing the AFF course earlier this year. He has completed his AFF course on teh last trip with us and is now not far from achieving his Freefly one ( FF1 ) qualificaiton.

Here is a photo of Lorin Finnie , who has completed his A license. He will be skydiving in Langar when he gets home and we also advised him to check out Hinton aswell as London Parachute Schools.

Here is Sean Foley on one of his consols… perfect body position. Sean .. a pleasure , look forward to seeing you out here again soon..

Here is Sean with some of the guys just before the jump.. Come out to the FFU .. not only will you have a great time skydiving but you will meet people from all walks of life..

2nd July 2006

Welcome to Claire Fletcher who is here to complete an AFF course.

Welcome to Tom Coley who is here to complete an AFF course.

3rd June 2006

Welcome to Christopher Woodcock from Cavan in Ireland who joins us to learn to skydive. He is pictured here getting ready for his level 5 AFF Skydive. Christopher selected Central Spain as it offers the best weather for AFF training with lower temps, less wind ( no sea breezes — bad ). This perfect weather combined with a fast turn around on both our aircraft ( our new porter is doing 10 minute climbs to 13.5K ) has allowed Chirs to progress rapidly in the two days he has been here.

No stranger to Ocaña , Leslie Potton a recent graduate is back for more freefall at the Freefall Uni. Leslie trained with us a number of weeks ago and has selected our centre for his continuation training.

Well done Tom! Ace progression. Tom has also rapidly advanced through the skydiving course and is now on level 6.

Claire Also , as she is pictured here getting ready to practice her AFF level 5 exit with the freefall doctor…

So , thinking about AFF training ? Come to the FFU Ocaña, but do call today , we have had to dissapoint many as we are becoming fully booked out for the rest of the summer. Sam or David in Client care are awaiting your call.

12th June 2006 – The week in review

Mark Griffith joined us for an AFF course. He is pictured here with his AFF instructor Andy Gregory.

Mark had a spot on course , he is getting ready for his AFF level 6.

Top man! Here he is locked on at 4000ft on his AFF level seven graduation dive with Andy giving him the thumbs up…

Emma Lane also joined us from London for an AFF course. Well post pics of her in freefall when they come in 🙂

Colin Curran has also joined us to completed the conversion from the Static Line course to the AFF course .

Welcome to Russell Bargery and Lea Teall but former graduates from last year at the FFU.. good to see you back guys..hope you like Ocana ( and Aranujuez nightlife )

One of our pilots takes some time out to jump with Peter our cameraman.. Here Peter is flying head down and Ed is in sit… both are doing about 150 mph only inches from each other.. sweet!

Welcome to Andrew Evans pictured here on the right who joins us to learn to skydive on the AFF course.

Nick Robins also joined us to complete an AFF course.

So too did Nick Elliot .. who is from the North of Ireland.. hes well into his AFF course now.

Simon King also joined us to get stuck into the AFF course and realise a life times ambition to learn to skydive ..welcome !

12th – 19th June 2006 – Week in review.

This week lots going on at the Freefall University. While some of the week was hampered by some spectacular and unusual thunderstorms we jumped every day with everybody completing the number of skydives they wanted. Some people managed to get ten jumps per day over the weekend…

Freefly to the max. Louis is growing the community of fun jumpers practicing and learning to freefly. Freshly boosted from his silver medal in the Hib Grand Prix Louis now has his focus when not training new freeflyers on getting ready for the world championships and British Nationals.

Our tandem passengers have their own aircraft allowing us cater for over 50 tandems one day this week without disturbing the capacity for fun jumpers who wanted to get upwards on ten skydives a day. We now via computerized manifest systems monitor wait times and proactivley manage the fleet in order to keep the time between loads low for those who want it that way. The best way to manifest is to let the manifestor know how much time you would like between your jumps. for those using packers we accept requests as low as 20 minutes.

Here Delta Papa emplanes for another load .

Here Oscar echo gets ready for another load. In the door you can see Kevin Ilsley and Joni Mallet who are both returning students getting ready for another fun jump. Both trained with us a few months ago. Joni achieved her BPA FS1 with us on a weekend visit! Joni did seven skydives in one day and Kevin did eleven skydives in one day ( Sunday ).

Emma ” Multimap ” Lane passed her AFF course , did her consols and CH1..well done 🙂

Welcome back to Lee Teal who learned to skydive with us last year. He racked up the jumps in his week with us.

Fly and enjoy , some students chill out in the sun between loads.

Here is Kevin, he has now passed the 50 jump mark..

Team Equinox , one of the local freefly teams at the drpozone.

Andrew whom is one of our AFF graduates this week has his girlfriend join him on holiday with us. She did and loved her Tandem skydive.

Congratulations to Colin Curran who did the AFF course with us. He managed to get seven consols in one day.

So guys ..do you like to fly the new solo Canopies. We as a school love the Aerodyne solo canopies and have placed orders for a further three of these bad boys and will be phasing out the Navigators for all but our gear designed for heavier students ( 14-16.5 stone ).

Congratulations to Gareth Watkins who graduated his AFF course. he has been jumpin solo to the max.

Congratulations to Nick Robinson who has completed his AFF course, consols and BPA CH1.

Andrew Evans has also passed his AFF course , consols and CH1 and is now solo skydiving for fun 🙂

Here is Daiyle Door who joins us for an AFF course and his seen here with Tim his AFF instructor.

Here is Russel Horgan who joined us for an AFF course. He too rocked through the course with Luci as his instructor and did all his solos and CH1.

Welcome also to Jas Jaciek from Germany who joined us on our BASE jumping course. Hes now off to make his first BASE jumps.

Well done also to Mike Taylor who passed his AFF course with us.

Welcome back also to James Mundy who trained with us in February. He came back to jump to the max…. In the background you can see Delta Papa while James checks out Oscar echo ” upstairs ” making a drop.

So the week coming ? Well this week we are making a documentary for / with ITV in conjunction with our London dropzone. The Ozbornes including Jack will be going through their paces on the AFF course. And this will result in a 17 million audience on prime time tv.. Were very happy to have been selected for the AFF training. Were looking forward to the group which booked out a small hotel between stars and film crew. Also we have a lot of other things going on so be sure to check in !

The week in review 19th to 26th June

The Freefall University are proud to have been selected to train the participants in the series
Jack Osbourne Around the world the hard way which will air later in the year.

All arrived having never skydived before, the producetion company told us.. 3 days… 3 days for what … 3 days to train Jack to land safely in the UK for the finale…. dont you mean a bit more than AFF and CH1 then ?? ..yes… Well Jack did his AFF and solos / accuracy course in 3 days and has told us that this is one of the sports he will keep up for sure what with LPS being down the road and Perris in California. You can see Luci working to stay proximate to his parachute handle , Jack is locked on and so is his secondary flying in formation. Nobody is holding each other and they are descending about 130mph.

Jack did great under the instruction of Luci Boella one of our full time staff. Here is a picture of Jack on his level three where is he has been released for this first time. Sorry about the logos all over the camp but its part of our agreement to only publish the pictures in this format for the moment… He will take a flight from here wearing his gear and jump straight into London Parachute School ( Our UK dropzone ) in the UK where his folks will be waiting for him. Fingers crossed for some good British weather… 🙂 today ( Friday )

Another participant from the show does some freestlye on one of her first solos here. The Freefall University also supplied all the cameramen for the show with the production company decided not to fly in their “experts” ..Peter did great .. i think this is a fab shot although Peter was a bit forlorn that the sun cast his shadow on the subject here. Bean to is today ( Friday ) making her way across the channel to jump into London Parachute School closest DZ to London one of our partner DZs in the UK. You can get to see us we believe in the finale of the series on the last Saturday in September at 9pm on ITV1. Once we have the global .

Sometimes the crew werent two obvious using smaller cameras ..

Sometimes though as was the case with the Parachute Landing technique module there was a fully fledged camera crew in action… we reckon Luci , third from the left has a great career in tv ahead of her.

Richard McConnell also returns for his third holiday with us to undertake his usual mix of birdman and freefly training.

Peter Stirling joined us for an AFF course this week. Bit of a last minute booking , he called at 1230am one night and arrived the following day.. so if your thinking about a short notice holiday give us a call..

Mayang from Malaysia joined us for the Introduction to skydiving and ended up doing half the course, unsure at first she soon fell in love with the sport and will be back shortly to complete the AFF course with us.

Letitia joined us for an AFF course and is pictured here with her AFF instructor Andy Gregory.

Nathalie from France joined us for an AFF course.

An exit at altitude for another consolidation jump. This one from delta papa.

Begoña from Fance also joined us from France for an AFF course .

Consol jumpers in the boarding area off for another skydive.. some managed to do seven solos in one day ..

Birdmen over Ocaña. More and more people are joining us for the birdmen for beginners . The ground school is only 50 euros and then its 25 euros per day to rent from our extensive range of suits , regardless of how many jumps you do. Here Cedric an expat living in Madrid takes the course with Paula.. 1 minute 33 seconds on the first flight… sweet 🙂

Congratulations to Will Smith who also joined us for an AFF course , he is seen here checking in..

More solos for Bean .. who got right back into it!

Welcome back for your third holiday with us Ian ! Ian learned to skydive with us early in the year and is back once again. He is picutred here checking his email in our own cyber caf on the dz. Internet access is free and you dont even need your own machine!

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