John Poole , AFF Graduate

I bet I am not the first person to watch an action film or extreme sports channel and say “wow, I would love to do that”. Well, after far too many years I finally picked up the phone, paid my money, took my choice and went skydiving at the Freefall University. Simply the best thing I have ever done. Period. Everything was taken care of for me. Flights, hotel, transfers, the lot. All I had to do was turn up and get my head around jumping out of a plane. This was made a good bit easier by Andy my instructor. He knew when to push me and when to ease off. After level 2 I could hardly walk let alone talk. Tired? I never knew the meaning of the word until that morning. Needless to say I cracked 5 levels that day.

Andy was a great judge of character and made the different levels and tasks safe but fun for me. Just so you know, level 4, when your instructor comes off you and round in front of you is unreal. Exiting a plane in a forward roll on level 7 watching your horizon change from earth-sky-plane-sky-earth is something I will not forget! The people at the DropZone are really friendly. The FFU and local Spanish staff are friendly and will always stop to help and give you a gear check. Nothing is too much trouble. I met a lot of great, like-minded people at the FFU, I am already planning a return trip and hope to jump with them once I have my next qualification. You only get one life, make the most of it. If you are reading this then you are considering skydiving. Stop considering, make the call.

Robert Fone, AFF Graduate.

Thoughts on the course, about time I got round to that… Superb. Everyone on the DZ… the FFU instructors, the guys from the spainish school, the other students and more experienced skydivers, the manifest, the guys packing, the pilots, and of course the resident bus driving Sylvan, are all incredibly friendly and helpful. The instructors especially helped you feel relaxed, I always had complete confidence in Luci and she made the experience a lot of fun.

The atmosphere at the DZ is very laid back, it doesn’t take long to sit back in to the pace. The only exception, for me, was the rate that Luci had me manifested for my levels! If you’re the kinda student that needs motivating to keep you progressing (can be tempting to sit back and chill for the afternoon) then Luci’s the instructor for you! The course itself… the ground school is intense. I found myself thinking I couldn’t possibly be taking it all in… but the following morning I had a chat with Jenn on the phone and without even thinking about it ran her through the plan for a jump, from exit to touch down, including the drills and emergency procedures… when I finished I stopped and said “bloody hell, I obviously do remember it all then!”. Its amazing that we can absorb so much information, but its also a credit to the course and instructors. To anyone heading out there… it will seem repetitive and a strain on the brain at times… but there’s a good reason for that! It works! There is no doubt at all that the very first jump you make is a totally fear filled experience. You don’t even know it at the time, but after a few more jumps when you start getting more comfortable with it all, and more aware… you realise just how you felt on jump 1. The rush is incredible. And the really great part is that there are milestones all along where you get a similar rush, but each is a bit different. For me, the best jumps were L1, my L3 repeat, my L7 repeat, and the first solo… and whichever level it was that Luci came round the front for the first time, the one where I have a massive grin on the video!! I would recommend the experience to anyone that wants to be a skydiver, it WILL get you hooked, and you’ll enjoy the whole experience. Ocana is a great place to learn and I don’t think you’ll find better instructors than those at FFU. For me one of the biggest things that persuaded me that this was a good place to go was the number of repeat visits. I will absolutely definitely be heading back! I hope people find my “review” useful. Sure I’ll see some of you out there soon..

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