Jill Nason from Ireland. AFF Graduate .

I have always loved adventure and and like to do things that are a bit different. I tried a tandem and decided skydiving was for me. My tandem instructor at home recomended I go to Spain , given the prospect of qualifying in a few days. Two years later I decided to do it. I researched the Freefall University and was impressed. When i contacted David I found him very helpful and informative and so enthusiastic about skydiving it was impossible to say no to the trip of a lifetime.

When I arrived in Spain Andy , one of the instructors collected me personally. I spent the whole car journey trying to figure out where he was from , turns out its Switzerland.. wait untill ( for the girls ) you see him in his Swiss Team jumpsuit! I went to the dropzone first where more instructors and students and Tim ( whom i later nicknamed hulk hogan .. send me some pics of him in his bandana ! ) I also met the other students who were obviously loving the course.

That night as most nights was spent with all the students , formation skydivers and what not eating and drinking in Aranjuez . The atmosphere there was great.

Myself and Laura were training together and we were a bit behind Dean and Mike ..we did our best to keep up with the ” men ” on the course. My instructor Daniel was absoloutley brilliant ! He was so encouraging and reassuring. I made my way through the course taking my time between jumps. I had to repeat two levels. It was without a doubt worth the time and the energy. When i completed level seven i was ecstatic!

Nothing describes your first solo… it was just out of this world! The freedom you have just falling through the air having nobody with you. Its the best feeling i have ever experienced. Its a must do !!!

Coming to a place like the Freefall University is defintatley the best way to do the course. Everybody is on the same wavelenght , so enthusiastic . Everybody has the same passion to succeed and enyoy. Everybody got on great. Everybody encourages each other ..and then theres helping people celebrate when they pass there AFF course ( kindly allowing them to buy a round of drinks that night !! ) . I will be back and will have friends with me ..they have to experience it !

I made some great friends here and Mikes already planning a reunion..and he only left yesterday !! That will probably be in the Uk, but we might manage one in Ireland also. Bassically get your ass over there .. you wont regret it.

By the way a special word to the Pilot, shes French but got great English and is a great laugh when out for the evening. She pretty nuts , but a great pilot and great friend!

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