Jason Atherton , UK , AFF Graduate , Freefall University .

After a number of years thinking about carrying out a Skydiving course I eventually found myself at the Freefall University at in September 2004.

I decided to go on this course on my own as none of my mates were prepared to do it with me but to my pleasant suprise I found that there were many like minded people (crazy human meat bombs) who also done the same thing as myself. The AFF instructers were very professional & delivered their instructions in a very relaxed atmosphere which is essential when so much information is to be taken in… especially considering that in a short space of time you will be plummeting towards the ground at a rapid rate of knotts – 120mph. The equipment was also very good & was well maintained which was obvious to even a student of Skydiving. Anyone who has done Skydiving will know that the experience of freefall is unique & there is no way to explain it but to get youself up there & do some meat bombing.

Personally I had Lucy as my main instructor & Brian who jumped with me for my level 6 who I found to have very different approaches but both fantastic at what they do, but all instructors were approachable & gave sound advice as well as some extroadinary story’s when the sun went down & the Beer was flowing… (I wont mention the night I woke up in the early hours on a dirt track). The people that I have met on my AFF course are great & I have made some cool friends who all helped each other to get through the course, probably the most memorable phrase of the course for myself, Mark Owen (Mr Buttclencher) & Jump mad Jimmy was our own little variation to the drills that are drummed into you & the little niggles that go through your mind when you are trying to get the best arch position so you dont get too many signals from your AFF instructor… this phrase was BUTTCLENCHER which had to be expressed with a screwed up face , cross eyes & stupid voice, but I have got to admit it worked for me aswell as making it that little bit more fun.

I can honestly say that the course has been one of my best experiences and it has given me a whole new direction in my life & I will be returning to FFUvery soon to progress my Skydiving skills. To all at Freefall University a very big thanks. To all you BUTTCLENCHERS out there – Keep on Meat Bombing.


Jimmy Freemantle ,UK , AFF graduate, Freefall University .

‘I came to the FFU after my experience with the static line course in England, I initially whizzed through the static line stage, but was so afraid of freefall, that my brain turned to mush on my 3 second delay attempts. Arriving at the Freefall University , Lucy’s clear and thorough training meant that my fears melted away and helped me get all the way through to the solos consoles without repeat levels.

Riding into the skies in wolfy with the Chillie peppers playing in my ears turned me into a complete jump-junkie and I even completed 8 solos in one day.

I am now left itching for the next opportunity to jump here in England (British weather dependant) A big thanks to all FFU staff for one of the best times of my life, and I can’t wait to return for Brian’s canopy piloting course

Jimmy Freemantle.

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