Mike did pop in for a few days to get things set up
Here is a few of the jumps he did with us.

We are pleased to confirm Mike Carpenter ( British 2008 Freefly Champion )  will be onhand to offer freefly training / load organizing  from the 23rd to the 27th of October at the Freefall University Madrid.  This will be great value for your time and money as there is a one off registration fee ( 40 euros ) and then you can have acess to both coaching and organised loads with coaching if you are already qualified. You wont do better than that and we are very grateful to Mike
to take the time in his busy schedule ( he will be arriving in from a training camp in Skydive Isreal to run this event ).

We would ask that you pre register your interest with us just to we know what to expect this week.  We will have our new -34 porter on hand to make sure that this event comes off without a hitch so people looking to get a lot of jumps need have no worries as this aircraft is in addition to our other pilatus porters.

To recap :

40 euros registration fee gives you access to:
Free coached dives , just pay your slot.
Free Load organising, just pay yout slot.
BPA FF1 and FF2 qualifications available.

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The Freefall Uni having been audited by the RAF and approved as a contractor to the British Armed forces recently played host to an official expedition from the Army foundation College . 13 Soldiers completed the BPA A License 18 jump course ( Hybrid: Tunnel + Sky ) in 4 days of Jumping.

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