Dean Smith , FFU Ocaña AFF Graduate .

The first question I was asked when I arrived was why skydiving ? Well I did three static line jumps some years ago with my father who was an instructor in the UK. I left the sport and after a period of travel settled on skiing.

I kept thinking about doing an AFF course but never found anyone that would do it with me. Then I met a guy at work , Mike , who was also up for it. So I started researching where to go. We could have jumped in the UK at a dropzone 20 minutes away but I found the Freefall University in Ocaña , near Madrid. What drew me to them was the professionalism , the opportunity for epic weather and it worked out less expensive than doing it in the UK.

I have to tell you its been amazing! ( I have written this whilst still here ). The weather is perfect ..not a cloud in the sky! The accomodation is great and isnt expensive ( Hotel Infantes Aranjuez ) in the city. Aranjuez is buzzing with nightlife and great food…oh yeah and beer!! All the instructors here are TOP NOTCH ..calming , knowledgable and great fun.. simply put they cant do enough for you. David was extremely helpful in booking and my instructor Andy is a serious dude. He has filled me with complete confidence and I feel I have made a true friend. , Christy and Tim all helped me along the way also.

On level one I was very nervous but Andy and Christy kept me stable. What a rush after I exited the aircraft!! I landed my canopy with a soft touch down and was filled with a total Euphoria!

I then did level 2 and 3. I had to repeat level 3 due to not extending my legs enough. I did level four and then level five. I did a great back flip in freefall ..what a feeling.

Today I did level seven and graduated to jump solo! I am now a skydiver! I did a tumble exit from 13,000 feet. in a ball for five seconds and then arched became stable and tracked across the sky with Andy! Tracking is when you travel across the sky like a bullet which was fuc**** amazing. I landed on target to a soft landing!!

You have to come out and do this!! A big thank you to everyone at the dropzone.all a great bunch. To Andy ..thank you for helping me to experience the closest you will ever feel to God!

Pick up the phone and talk to David and come to the Freefall University. I did, im hooked and will be doing whatever it takes to come back as often as possible.

Updated to add:

I have now found my week has come to an end……I have had the BEST time skydiving with the Freefall University. I managed to squeeze in 23 jumps and made some great new buddies. Warning this sport is highly addictive and nothing else comes close in my opinion. Get yourselves over here and give it a go i guarantee you will not be disappointed. So what next? Well i shall be aiming for MY FS1 which allows me to freefall with my friends…Cool!!!And a canopy control course so that one day i can become a kick ass swooper!!!!

Blue skies and soft landings.


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