David Christopher Lee, FFU Graduate.

The course was excellent. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the dopzone made it really easy to learn.

The course was excellent. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the dopzone made it really easy to learn.





Robin Seiger, FFU AFF Recertification Student

Every drop zone and school has its own rhythm, energy and atmosphere. I found FFU has a cool rhythm, great energy and a friendly atmosphere. I originally began my AFF in the UK, (weather was a problem) so I went to the USA and did it there, it was fantastic, friendly and fun. I couldn’t imagine there being anywhere better. I then discovered the Freefall University – and my life has never been the same I now consider it my home DZ. The staff and regulars are encouraging (which is great when you are learning, and we never stop learning) friendly, professional and approachable, at any time.

I recently called David to get some advice and he could not have been more helpful, (well obviously he could have if he had he had offered to pay for my next 100 jumps in addition to a return airfare to Madrid – but I digress). I have seen both ends of the student experience ,and I can honestly says I would unhesitatingly recommend the Freefall University. As a first timer you will be nervous (or if you are like me very nervous) you need to jump frequently, gain knowledge, experience and with those three qualities comes confidence. More confidence = more experience = more knowledge = more JUMPS!!!

We all learn in different ways and at different speeds, no matter what your learning curve, you will find the right instructor to work with you. There are very few experiences in life which exceed your expectations, and for me Freefall University was one of those experiences, which is why I went back within four weeks of my first visit, and following a week jumping in the States with friends, plan to be back over New Year. If you’ve every thought about learning to skydive, you’ve found the right place. Now stop talking and start jumping.

Blue skies, Soft landing and Happy Daze!

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