David Bankhart , UK , AFF graduate, Freefall University .

Thanks for a brilliant week – the course was fantastic, the Instruction first class, the setting and weather really making for a wonderful learning environment, and the course, accomodation and flights all for less than the course price alone in the UK! Brian is a brilliant instructor who made me feel confident and relaxed, so that when I did have a cut-away the training took over completely and I had no worries or qualms in dealing with it (bet you don’t put that bit on the web site!). I would heartily recommend the AFF course to anyone, particularly those in the U.K. who are having as many problems as I did trying to work my way through the RAPS system, bad weather and insufficient students to put the plane up being the usual problems. The other major factor for me was the great bunch of people training with me, that really made it a brilliant time and complete holiday.


David HoneyBone +Helen Arnold, AFF Students Student , Freefall University .

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the team at Freefall university….Dave Cowman, The Lovely Lucy, Brian and Danny The Monkey Boy Camera Man…

What an absolute amazing experience….and we were made to feel so welcome at the DZ by the owners and the Freefall University Team…not to mention relaxed….this was a dream we both have wanted to live for ages and Dave’s AFF Course made it all come true.

All we can say is if you want the experience of a life time….and enjoy the sun and a relaxed atmosphere and not to mention the adrenaline rush of freefall then get in touch with these guys…You won’t be sorry! We have been back for 3 days now and already have been in touch with Dave to return to book another holiday and do more jumps… Meanwhile we have been put in touch with Cark as our jump base in the UK who expected our call and will jump there this weekend.”LOOK OUT GUYS COZ THE RAT TRACKER IS COMING BACK”

Thanks Again Dave

Dave & Helen

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