An early morning start . Section by Section we continue to build and expand our facilities. In the background is the packing hanger , the left is the manifest with ground control and to the right is one of our …


This week is wrapping up to be a blinder, the morning has started with a clear blue  skies Exactly, what we like!  The dropzone is buzzing with AFF, jumpers from our military contracts Lots of fun jumpers gearing up, plus …


We now own 2 Aircraft with onsite maintenance. 2600 Bulk tickets sold in first 2 weeks of March.

25 Degress , 2.5 Days and 3 …

Jumping every day for 3 weeks straight. 25 Degrees and clear blue skies :)

British Army Selects FFU as training partner

The Freefall University is selected by the British Army as a training partner. The Army on adventure training take advantage of our excellent facilities.

BPA A License Procedures

BPA Skydiving License at the Freefall Uni. Easy!

Will somebody please think of the children

Senor Versace and company decided to see if they could turn a lilo into a magic carpet. In what is being hailed as a scientific breakthrough by their spokesman they claim to have levitated over the skies of Madrid for …

The Boys are back in town

When the boys come into town all the girls go crazy:-), Tony Stack, Mark Atherton, Steve Luke, Jon Edmondson and Andrew Glegg are in the house for fun in the spanish  sun. Skydiving by day and Aranjuez and Madrid by …

The pythagoras theorem ?

Fred ( left )  from London and Stephen ( Right ) from Scotland joined forces in our  wingsuit school to complete the first jump course.  They are seen here in 2 of of our rental suits getting ready for their …

” Do I have to go back to Work ” ?

Thunderbirds are go in what has been a week to remember at the Freefall Uni.

Skydiving at the Uni

A fun week at the Uni with 12 more people completing their AFF course in just under 3 days.

Did I really just do that ???

James Robson from London  is jumping with Daniel. No stranger to high perssure situations due to his work he is taking accelarated freefall in his stride.  He admitted to being  scared but very focused before  his  1st jump but  after …

Birds of a Feather

From AFF Graduates to formation wingsuit big ways to record jump numbers . We had a great weekend at the school.

New Dropzone train service.

New Train service from Madrid Airport to the dropzone. Runs every 20 minutes.

Solo Skydiving in 3 days

Luke Maddison arrived only 3 days ago never having done a skydive before and yet here he is skydiving solo ..  Its a totally unnatural act to jump out of an aeroplane yet Lukes doing it cannonball style curled up …

Birdman and AFF Skydiving

Birdman and AFF Graduates this week in addition to a workshop on flying wingsuits with a group of seven doing acrobatics training.

Super sonic Skydiving mark 200

Kamilla goes supersonic and we get seriously into the wingsuit training season with candidates undertaking WS1

And the beat goes on

Adrian Arrives for 200 jumps in 2 months. Full time sunshine and challenge to the school record , 30 jumps in 6 days,

Adrenaline Adventures

Skydiving , adrenaline , Wingsuit and Madrid Sunshine. All in a day at europes most popular skydiving school.

September Sunshine

Steven Marlow, John McConville, Craig Hiller, Dennis and Saul Whitford, FFU graduated this week. They completed the accelerated freefall course in Spain and at least 1o consolidation or solo  skydives each. Welcome to Kamila Rurarz whos dream it has been …

The last days of August

Congratulations to Robert,  he chuffed with himself having complieted full AFF Course and  his consolidation jumps and more  in  just one week. Ellie , congratulations on becoming a qualified skydiver . She has  completed the accelerated freefall course and the …

Summer Time

Natalie is practicing her body position for her level 1 with Jane, ready, set arch… Greg turn now. Chris, Arun and Greg are about to finish the ground school today. Welcome to Matt Jones, Matt arrived today, gs is done …

Welcome to the Uni

Welcome to Chris Marks, Arun Cardoza, Natalie Williamson and Greg Young, they arrived yesterday evening and ready for GS today. Michael Telford is about to finish his course now, level 6 next. Ali is also doing great, level 4 passed. …

Graduation jumps

Congratulations to Bella and Luke, AFF and consolidation jumps in a week. Ali from Iran, finished his ground school yesterday and here he is ready for his level 1 with Ryan, have fun Ali. Carlo is on his level 5 …

The 3 Amigos

Alex, Luke and Ali on a break between jumps. Welcome to Ali Taherkhani from London, who arrived today for an AFF Course. Tom Moran from Ireland, also arrived today for an AFF Course. Bella is now on her level 7, …

Motti Belle !

A big welcome to Damien McLaughlin from Ireland, Carlo Turzi from Italy and Alex Baille from England, they just arrived and fully ready for ground school. Luke Murray checking his equipment before his level one with Ryan, one of the …

The Peoples republic

A big welcome to Alex Lawson from Ireland, he just arrived for an AFF Course with us, here pictured with his instructor Mike Evans. Welcome to Bella Ward from Australia, doing Ground school today with Darren. Anne is working on …

Early August

Welcome to Simon MaCullock and Matthew Welbourn, here doing ground school with Darren, the weather is perfect outside so they will probably do level 1 later today. Congratulation to Martin Garnish, Martin started his course a few days ago and …

5th August at the Frefall Uni

Welcome to Jason Young, Jack Smith and James Mcallister, they arrived this morning and the 1st thing they’ll learn is equipment, this class will teach you all you need to know about a skydiving rig. After that is time to …

30th July

Welcome to Bryan Hughes from Ireland, Bryan is doing his AFF Course this week and will be doing one-on-one with Ryan. Congratulations to Chris Kabban, just passed his AFF Course and is now working on his consolidation jumps. David Schneider …

26th July

Welcome to Simon Fisher, arrived today to complet his AFF Course with the Freefall University.

What you need to do on your level7.

You will check out with your instructor and ready yourself. The objective of the exit is not to leave the plane stable .. in this case John performs an Unstable exit with a front flip.

20th July @the Freefall University

Welcome to Tom McGee, Joe’s brother, ground school done and he is ready for his level 1 with Mike Evans.

The Three Musketeers

Hakon, Henrik and Torbjorn, AFF Course, 25 jumps, packing course and A License in just 10 days. weldone boys.

15th July @ the Freefall Uni.

Congratulations to Torbjorn Hammer from Norway that just passed his AFF Course with Jane.

South Park

Welcome to Kenny and friends, all the way from London to jump out of an airplane:-)

The Pink Panther

Well…Well….Well…. That’s Phil, what can i say:-)

Phil 1st jump course

Paula and Miki. Thanks a lot for the coaching (and the vid), was an unexpected bonus to a great holiday and much appreciated. Look forward to getting us Bosanquets back out there in the future. Happy flying, Phil.

Group of Friends

Welcome to Jamie, from London, he is coming along with 2 friends that are doing the AFF Course with us this week.


Congratulations to Stephen that just passed his AFF Course, weldone boy.

Congrats Joe

Congratulations to Joe McGee, she archived her A License this week with Mike.

Returning Friends

Welcome back to Norman and Guy, a few days of sun, relax and lots of jumps.

17th June

Welcome to Manuel Castro that joing us for an AFF COurse, here doing his GS.

14th June

Welcome to Shae Karringten from Australia, she join us for an AFF COurse.

Ian Meddle Level 7

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Lee High graduation jump

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9th June

Welcome back to Aaron, he is doing a check dive with Ryan.

6 June

Welcome to Lucie Lee and Michael Brock, student from London, they join us for an AFF Course this week.

Mark Price Level 7

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3rd June

Welcome to Mark Price, careworker form LOndon, he is on GS today.

Paul Level 6

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28th May

Congratulation to Paul, AFF and consols in 6 days .

24th May at the Freefall University

Congratulations to  Charlie  who completed his BPA FS1 formation skydiving course today. 

23rd May

Welcome to Paul, he arrived yesterday night, did his ground school this morning and finished on level four this evening.  He is from Leew in Staffordshire. 

22nd May at the Freefall Uni

Stop falling , start flying! .. Team ” Fly like a brick were team training with us today. The dropzone is home to several teams getting ready for the Gap championships. We also will have sponsored teams in the championships …

Howard Hull level 7

Matt Chappell level 6

Lewis Young Level 7

Alan Charlesworth Level 7

17th May

Bjorn ready for his level 5.

Jeremy Parnell level 7

    In Talking To Jeremey hes done a lot of things in his life from flying Hercules aircraft to Diving..but after a tandem skydive in the UK he knew he had to learn to skydive and that is exactly …

21st May

Earlie start today, wheels off at 8:45am. A solo way to start the day!

20th May @ the Freefall University

15th May @ the Freefall University

Kristian and Joe.

14th May at the Freefall Uni.

Erik and Martin Vika, Erik is a returning student from Norway, he brought  2 friends along this time, here is one of them ..  Martin after his level 1. 

13th May

A big welcome to Martin Vika, Ellie Buckland and Bjorn Badland, who joined us for an AFF Course.

11th May

Welcome to Harry Sheppard from Surrey who has  joined us for an AFF Course.

10th May

Almost done

8th May @ the Freefall Uni

Welcome to Nathan Jones from London, he join us for an AFF Course.

1st May at the Skydiving University Spain

James, graduated and consols in less than a week.

28th April @ the Freefall University

Today was an interesting day for the school  as we had an extreme sports  program from television espanola on the dropzone. They are making a documentary to be aired in September about learning to skydive. 

27th April at the Freefall Uni Spain

Matthew Hattersley is pictured here on his  level 5 skydive , in this case a perfect exit. 

26th April

Congratulations to James Cole who is a  Pharmacist from London. He graduated his AFF course today.

25th April

Welcome to Ged Egan, from London, he just joined us for an AFF Course and he’s a natural:-)

19th April

Keith and joe, the new instructors. We will post more of these fellas in action later in the week save to say with a combine 12000 jumps they rock as AFF Instructors and freefly coaches using new in air radio …

15th April

Joe , A PA from London who recently gradauted the AFF course and completed all her 10 consolidation skydives  goes for a fun jump with her instructor. Last out of the aircraft in this case. 

9th April @ the FFU

2 Pilatus Porters full time,  summer sun, skydiving and lots of beer at the end of the day…. Paradise???? Certainly .. see what we been up to today..

1st week of April

Welcome to Ronan Kenny that join us for an AFF Course.

31st March in sunny Spain

Welcome to Paul McCan, he just arrived from Australia for an AFF Course.

25th March

Win, Miki, Patrick and Dani flocking over ocaña.

1st week of March

Welcome to Sophie, she just arrived for an AFF Course, ground school on her 1st day with Darren.

2nd week of Feb.

Cos i’m a lady you know!!!

James return

Wing suit Camp Feb. 2011

Strange people:-)

Steve and Marcus, after consolidation jumps.

22nd January 2011

The new Skydiving shop is now open.

Happy new year:-)

THE Pilot:-)

Last month of 2010 at the Freefall Uni.

Allan Howarth, graduated in just 3 days.

Last week of October

Wing suit course and coaching available all year around with BBteam

BBteam in Italy 2010 (Video)

13th October

Funny exits:-)

1st week of October

Welcome back to James Eisig, a few more jumps enjoying the sun in Spain.

Midle September

15 September

2nd September

The boys are all graduated in just 3 days time, Phil, Anthony, Alex, Richard and Steve.Well done guys.

Rob Pembrey Level 7

Charlie graduation jump

Thank you Charlie:-)

August with Freefall University

The boys are in town, Tom, Dave, Alex and Chris getting ready for fun jumping.

Vigo International Air Show FFU instructors at the international air show in Vigo

Jorge Tandem Skydive with FFU

It was a pleasure to jump with you Jorge:-)

18th July

Will Smith was visiting Madrid and decided to have a go with Skydiving.

11th July with the Freefall Uni Madrid

The boys are in town:-) Alan and Liam Feeley and Peter Barnes arrived yesterday for an AFF Course with us.

4th of July, summer time…

Welcome to Matthew Moore who just arrived for an AFF Course, here you see him training his body position with Jane.

Last week of June

Freefall Uni @ the Vector Festival

5th June @ Freefall University

The “gang” is back together, Mike, Jo, Darren and Marcel just landing after a 4 way dive.

10th May

Welcome to Chris Marsden and Leo McHugh that just arrived for an AFF Course.

May the 3rd at the Freefall Uni.

BB Team going up for a coach jump with Mark.

1st May

Andrew doing a Tandem Skydive Jump over Ocaña, AFF Course next????

Bad boys are taking the world.

24th April

Jorge and Marcus, Formation Skydive jump.

21st April

Welcome to Sameer Wakankar, Sidd Rao, Maj Neeraj and Neeraj Bakhshi, the group just arrived to start the AFF Course with us.

John’s Tandem Skydive with FFU

31st March last news

Dulce and Marcus trying a new toy, tracking suits available in all sizes.

29th March

28 of March at the Freefall Uni

23rd March

Congratulations to Dennis, AFF and 22 skydives after that:-)

Last BASE trip to Italy

17th March 2010

Start  falling and start flying, if you have more then 200 jumps you’re ready to start, here Miki and Angel.

Flyby Pilatus Porter

15th March

Caitlin and Paolo AFF and consols in just 1 week time.

14th March 2010

Angel and Win, what a dangerous combination:-)

10th March at the Freefall University

Spring is here, happy faces, Alex and Steve arrived today for fun jumping.

Freefall Uni. new facilities

The new hangar

In Miki’s head.

Jordan Lowe graduation jump

September @ the Freefall University Spain

Well come back to all, Dinesh, Jacki, Naomi, Guy, Erik Andy and Darren, few of them doing the AFF Course, and others just coming back for a few more jumps in the sun.

Nicholas Navas

.hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage { font-size: 10pt; font-family:Verdana } What can I say I had a great week, both in the air ond on the ground.  the atmosphere at the dropzone was pretty cool and relaxed and everyone …

27th of August at the Freefall University

Matt Mountney exiting the plane at 13.000 ft during his consols.

24th of August @the Freefall Univesity Spain

Phil Birch exiting te plane at 13.000fts.

2nd week of August at the Freefall Uni.

The new hangar is ready and we’re moving in:-)

1st week of August @ the Freefall University

August! We will remenber this month for jumping to the “MAX” and getting into the vibe of Aranjuez nightlife. Our friends are back once again, Wayne and Miki exiting the plane together.

27th of July at the Freefall University

Well come back to Simon Wolfe, he is visiting us just for the weekend with a few friends for a Tandem Jump.

New accommodation available

We’re happy to inform that we have new accommodation available in the nearest town of Aranjuez. Danco country house 30 pounds per person, includes free of charge:Canoeing, Mountain bikes,Archery, swimming pool. On request: Night Laser, Paintball, Sumo fights, night and …

What Skydivers do when they’re not jumping….

BBQ because we also need food as normal people

3rd week of July at the Freefall University

Tim, Paul and Matt, i still don’t have any words for these 3:-), i just know they love Cheers. Check the boys with the new skydiving suits.

10th of July at the Freefall University

Ryan Fu Ling… Our “white/pink” AFF Instructor taking a dive.

6th of July at the Freefall University

Lots of action this month with an expected 30 graduates and more then 4000 individual Skydives. Jordan was visiting Madrid for a few days and decide to do something different, and here he is, ready for his level 1 after …

2nd of July at the Freefall University

Well come to Michael Iles, he came along with his father for an AFF Course. No need to say that he is a BIG guy, the picture says everything:-)

Last week of June at the Freefall University

Under construction….

15th June at the Freefall University Spain

Patrick is back for a few days in the sun, He arrived and was greated with warm (29 Degrees) and blue Sky. Summer time is here with mild temps and lots of skydiving. Back to back non stop seven days …

12th of June at the FFU

This months sees lots of activity with AFF; formation skydiving and experienced jumpers from home and abroad enjoying jumping from the 2 Pilatus Porter Above we have former AFF Students, Tim, Marc, Ed and James.

9th June at the Freefall University

In action once again is Jo and Sarah, well come back.

1st Week of June

Steven Nolan and Phil Nolan are now graduated, Consols next boys, we will be posting videos soon.

Mike fun jumping

Last week of May @ the FFU

Smiley face of Angel during one FS coach jumps.

Last BASE trip to Italy

Meet the crew, Paula, Nasko, Miki, Chana and Danilo

15th of May

A BIG congratulations to Giacomo that finished his AFF Course in just 3 days.

9th of May

Well come to Fabio Sala from Italy, Fabio will be with us for one week and complet his AFF Course.

7th of May

Gisela from France visiting us for a Tandem jump.

5th of May

Check this out…. Batman just landed… (Kevin) 30 jumps in one week, well done Kevin Hope you back soon.

3rd of May in sunny Spain

Far far away from home (Qatar) Salah is having a great experience doing a Tandem Jump.

2nd of May @ the FFU

Hello to Lucy that visit us for a Tandem jump, Lucy decided to have a nice weekend away from England, booked a cheap flight to Madrid and here she is…

28th of April

Congratulations to Tom Pembrey that finish his AFF Course today, used to fly planes now he knows the feeling of jumping from them.

24th of April

Michael and Wayne in one of the training jumps today. Once again a big thank you to all the staff, 21 loads today… again:-)

23rd of April

Craig getting ready for his level 4, he started his course this morning.

22nd of April (21 loads today:-)

Today we give a big well come to Ian Bird, Craig Muir, Josh Maheady and Claire McGrath They all arrived yesterday for an AFF Course. A big thank you to all FFU and Skydive Madrid Staff, 21 loads today:-) easy …

2nd week of April (under construction)

6th of April @ the Freefall University

The “Boys” are now all AFF graduated and spending time impressing the girls in Town, Meet Dolly the “girl” that couldn’t resist….

5th of April

Well come to Paddy Haughney that just arrived for an AFF Course

4th of April

Louis is almost graduated, level 6 next, he promiss is mates that he will shave is head once graduated, so lets see…

3rd of April 2009

When the boys come in to town all the girls go crazy…:-) From left to right: Philip Aitken (AFF), Steve McRory (AFF), Henry Porter (AFF), Andrew McGrath (fun jumping), Mark Harris, Andy Gregory, Philip Birch (AFF) and Mike Evans.

26th of March @ the Freefall Uni.

Mark Rose is now graduated and jumping solo:-), AFF Course in just 3 days, no problema!

Monkey Team

A disaster…

21st and 22nd of March

Jacqui Day is back for another weekend at the Freefall University, and this time i managed to get nice photos of her:-) and this time she’s not alone, on the left we have Eugene and on the right Gary, nice …

11th of March at the FFU

Last day of fun for Dan, but he will be back soon

10th of March 2009

Well come to Matt Trott, (right) Matt arrived yesterday to complet his AFF Course with the Freefall University, looks like he had enough of the English weather. Ian is now graduated and jumping solo, well done Ian, he will be …

8th March at the FFU Spain

We all knew he was “special”, we just didnt know how much….. Hope people understand what i mean now… And guess what!? He is not alone… Well leaving special people behind, lets talk about Skydiving… Dan after one more jump, …

Formation Skydive Week

A whole week worth of men in tight suits…. What could be better

Phat B*st*rds Team

Blue Skies, nil winds, fast women and tumbling morrons. Welcome to Madrid

7th of March at the Freefall Uni.

New menber at Skydive Madrid, a big welcome to Edu Harkey:-) All the way from France, Philippe Burgos is visiting us for some Freefly with Mike Sheppard (bellow) Mike Sheppard….No life crises… Welcome to Ian Murrells, professional photographer… Ian did …

Kevin’s BIG “40″

Happy Birthday Kevin

Tandem Skydive

26th February 2009

Congratulations to Ryan that just passed his Tandem Rating, well done Ryan. Mike Fallon that did his ground school yesterday today is ready for his 1st AFF jump. have fun Mike. The craziest mate at the drop zone:-) Miky with …

24th Feb at the Freefall University

Another sunny day in central Spain, 18º, blue sky and no wind, lets see what the boys ad girls are up to today:-) this 3 i am not really sure what they up to…. they kind of “special” ah, this …

23rd February 2009, sunny Madrid

Welcome back to Mike Jasinski, Mike did his AFF Course with us last Xmas, this is his 3rd time in Spain so far this year and he is just about to reach 30 jumps Mike Williams is also back to …

Up Coming Events February 2009 Formation Skydive

Last few Weeks

Well Come to Nick Buffini that just arrived for an AFF Course, paper work is done so, ready to start GS Jane, one of our instructors is getting start with BASE Jumping First the packing, and let me tell you …

5th of November

Well Come back to Andrew Patrick Twomey is on level 5 today Andrew on one of his special exits Congratulations to Stuart, here we see him getting ready for one of his consols Patrick Twomey on his level 5 exit …

3rd of November

Stuart Blick that arrivded yesterday today is ready for his level 1

Congratulations to all our new AFF instructors.

Congratulations to all our new AFF instructors from the Academy , 9 in total from the UK , Spain , Germany and Portugal. To Those who did not pass the course due to the high standard set well done for …

1st of November

All the candidates to the AFF Rating Course at the Freefall University Well Come to Chris Wise that just arrived for an AFF Course Some friends from Bulgaria Well Come to Torsten Schier from Germany, just arrived for is AFF …

29 th of October

During this week we had some returning student visiting us for some more fun in the sun:

Freefly to the “MAX III”

Freefly to the “MAX”

The Freefly training camp has been a huge success. We are busy jumping our nads off but wanted to share some images with you.

Freefly to the “MAX II”

20th of October

Welcome to Steve Franklin that just arrived for an AFF Course.

16th of October

Well Come to Steve Rose. that just arrived for a refresh course after 3 years out of the sport Thomas Lee boarding for his level 6 Jonathan also on level 6 today And so is Hana Beer Tim don’t want …

15th of October

Today we say goodbye to Tom Smith, back to work tomorrow…:-(  He has completed over 300 skydives with us since completing his AFF course at the FFU. He has completed our formation skydiving course, freefly course and our birdman course …

14th of October

Craig Divitt is Rockin on ,, on his AFF Course, he did his 1st skydive this morning and is on level  5 next!

13th of October

Alfie Jackson  is back again for some more skydiving at the FFU Madrid.

11th of October

Meet James Somerville

8th of October

Neil who completed his AFF coursr a week ago  now has  almost 50 skydives. He is here for a few more days and is intent on doing 60 or more. Great to see you take to skydiving like a duck …

7th of October

Jason Connolly is doing great, here he is about to get in the sky for his first level, Jason have more then 80 static line jumps in the Army… but Freefall is something else!

6th of October

James Tasker who did his ground school for AFF  yesterday is about to do his 1st jump this morning.

4th of October FFU ( Madrid )

BUUUUU!!!! Dude Halloween is ages away but well in the spirit of preperation..

1st of October

Ryan, tom and Rory. Tom continued past the birdman first flight course and onto the first flock course.

30 of Setember

Well Come back to Wayne Zimmer who completed the AFF beginners course with us earlier this year.

Monday, 29 of September

Time to Mention our Birdman Program Mark 2 ,, its time to stop  falling and start flying at the freefall Uni  ! We have a ton of birdmen suits on the way from Yari in Birdman and will have some …

26 September

Stephen M’Gillvray is about to do his level 7 today

24 of september

Marc Daily from Norhtern Ireland , who did the AFF course with us a year ago is back for his third visit. Nice to have you back.

23 of September

Kevin Ralinson  that did his GS yesterday is ready for his skydive, cool calm and collected .. or is it shaken but not stirred ! Sweet , have a great time on the course.

September BASE Jump Course

First we present you the Team for our September 2008 BASE jumping course. From left to right: Sonia (spanish), Ulli (German), Stratos (Greek also know as Hercules), Stephen (Bulgarian, Ryan (England ) Craig and Ralf ( Scotland).

19 of September

Tim Smith getting ready for his first skydive jump after GS yesterday Edward Roscoe is also ready this morning After 4 days of pure adrenaline doing some BASE jumping in Portugal, Ralf and Craig are back for some freeflying. Paul …

18 of September

Congratulations to Pater Gould that just finish his AFF Course.

17 of September on our AFF courses.

Welcome back to Tom Watson, Tom did his AFF Course last month and this is the 3rd time he is back in Spain for more skydiving here at the Freefall Uni.

16 of September on our Skydiving ( AFF ) Courses.

Welcome to Ken Williams who   has just joined us for an  accelerated ( aff ) freefall course. Look forward to taking you up after we get our ground school finished. I will be your secondary and Andy will be your …

15 September in Spain

Welcome to Tony Redmond who joined us yesterday evening for the AFF course. He has completed his ground school with Andy and already has four skydives done

13th of September

Micheal Lall , a former student of the AFF school came back for a few days of training with us. Michael due to working overseas hadnt been able to skydive for a while so went through some recurrency training. As …

11 of September

James Grant is graduated already . Happy days !

8th September Update

Claire Forder, a former student of the AFF school came back for some more fun jumping.

7th September AFF Courses

Welcome back to Tertius back for some more fun jumping having completed the AFF course wish us earlier in the year.

3rd of September AFF Courses

Welcome to Jim Nicolson,  Jim arrived yesterday for an AFF Course, after ground training he is ready for the first level of the course.

1st of Sept AFF Courses

Wellcome back to David Smith a returning student that brings along his friend Darren Palmer on the left for an AFF Course

27 of August

canopy flight course on the 13 and 14 of septmeber… James Clark Grad Chris Ryan Grad Harry Richmond grad Mrs Moneypenny  and Nick Verbire GRAD Simon Loyns grad Aroa Kovacs after level 5 James Clark exit Chris Ryan exit Jamie …

25th of August

Some freefly fun for former graduates of the AFF programme. Schweet !

Congratulation to nine more Graduates in the last 2 days

We will send you a full upload tonight when things have settled down. Currently its go go go on the flight line but its already clear we will have nine new AFF graduates since Sunday morning. We have had people …

23rd of August

Mrs. Moneypenny is also still here. She too haas completed her consolidation jumps. It seems there is no stopping her..

21st of August Update

The extreme team…James Turner, Craig, Desmond and Tom all graduated at the FFU getting ready to jump together. As Tony the tiger would say their greeaat !

17th of August @ the FFU

Congratulations to Billy who just passed his AFF course.

Saturday the 16th at the FFU

Moneypenny ( ) is doing really good, here about to board the pilatus for her level 6 With Rory who joined the team some time ago. He is both a commerical pilot with over 1000 hours and an AFF instructor …

15th of August

Welcome to Billy McKenziewho arrived for his AFF course. Mrs. MoneyPenny arrived to complete the AFF course. John Twomey , an AFF graduate from a few years back ( he was the 8th Graduate of the AFF programe in the …

2nd week of August 2008 AFF Courses in Spain

Wellcome to Joanna Wodzicka that just arrives from Poland for an AFF Course.

First week of August at the FFU Spain

Gerard Thompson from landing after his level 4 Steven Kelly from landing Anthony Fittes boarding Welcome to Peter Slade who arrived to the sunshine for Robert O’Connor from landing Callum Runcie and Paul Smith also arrived for the AFF course. …

Today at The Uni . AFF Course . 2 days .. no ” problemo “.

Daniel Robinson is almost there…level 6 next…

Todays News

Max Kamper just started his FS1 with Jane.. no freefly suit today… maybe tommorrow.

Another sunny day at the Freefall University

Check it Out .. Max has got himself a freefly suit.. deftly modelled.

July news update at the Freefall University Spain

Paul Clarke is seen boarding here for his level 4 skydive on his AFF course at the Freefall Uni

Early July at the Freefall University

Gisli Kristjansson has joined us all the way from Iceland . When he left home temperatures were not long just above freezing at a lowly 13 degrees. Paste on that sunblock old son, its been wall to wall sunshine here …