If you have the urge to find out what freefall is all about and want something a little more challenging than a one-off tandem skydive, then our IFF (Introduction to Freefall) course is for you. This course is the first jump on the AFF skydiving programme. After that, you’ll have the opportunity, and the skills, to move on to further portions of the course, or even complete the advanced AFF course.

More about training and the jump itself

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You will complete the Ground School training on the morning following your arrival in Madrid. This normally takes about six hours (BPA Regulation Ground School). This jump prepares you and your fellow students for the afternoon’s experience – a freefall jump, during which you will be held by two instructors. You will exit the aeroplane at 13,000ft and experience upwards of fifty seconds in freefall. You will now have all the skills necessary to successfully complete the course, what’s more, it will all be captured on DVD to show your family and friends back home.

When do the courses take place ?

We run courses every weekend. Generally, you leave home on a Friday evening, you’re trained on the Saturday morning and you jump that evening. You are then free to either stay with us and complete further jumps or, if you prefer, we can book alternative accommodation for you in Madrid and arrange tickets to a football game or any other cultural event that takes your fancy (ask us for a copy of the Aranjuez and Madrid events guide). As mentioned above, courses are normally held at the weekend, however, if you give us advance notice midweek courses can easily be arrange.

Continuation jumps?

In future, you can of course do more jumps or levels from the accelerated freefall course, either here or at several associate centres in the UK and across most European countries. We will provide you with a log book signed by our British staff, including BPA rated AFF Instructors, or USPA Internationally Rated Staff (whichever suits you best). Or you can leave it with us for the moment and return to complete the course at a later date.