Central Spain offers students ideal weather for learning to skydive. The weather, along with our skydiving expertise, means we provide a winning combination for people who wish to learn to skydive in a short space of time, which was the precise reason we set up our Accelerated Freefall Programme.

Skydiving weather in Spain

For all skydivers, no matter how experienced, preferred weather conditions are light winds and clear skies. Suffice to say, if you’re a student it’s mandatory to jump in such conditions. Wind speeds should not exceed the forward speed of your student parachute; no more than 14mph. The weather in the UK, Ireland and many European countries can prove particularly challenging for skydiving students, which is why for the last five years in a row we have been one of the most popular destinations in Europe for student jumpers.

Our chosen location of Central Spain guarantees great weather for our students

There are no mountain ranges in the region – if you remember your geography lessons, mountains cause relief rainfall and strong winds. We are away from the sea and therefore unhindered by sea breezes and fog. Having said that, we’re not going to make any unrealistic claims; we do have the odd bad day here and there, but on the whole our experience (speaking as skydivers) has been more than satisfactory.

Lower frees and lower living expenses

Relative to most EU states, the cost of living in Spain is very low. This is reflected in your food and entertainment expenses. There’s no compromise on quality, it simply costs us less to deliver our courses and this saving is passed on to you. A good night out in Spain, with a few beers and a food menu you’ll be quite familiar with, will set you back about 15 pounds.

Relatively close to you

Flights from the UK (e.g. Manchester, London, Birmingham) take no more than 2 hours. We are only 30 minutes by car from Barajas Airport, Madrid’s international airport. This is another reason many of our students come back again and again. Several have made us their Home Drop Zone and have gone on to complete additional courses here. It’s worth pointing out that skydiving can be quite tiring when you first start; the shorter your journey prior to commencing the course, the less time you’ll need to spend recovering from it, or fighting jet lag. Skydiving courses are not rocket science, but arriving fresh will mean you’ll understand things quicker, get more enjoyment from the course and keep the cost down.

One experienced instructor : One student

You will not be sharing your instructor with other members of your group, nor with any other students. This will be of great benefit as you progress through the course, not least because it considerably reduces the amount of time you have to spend between jumps. You will commence your Ground School on the day you arrive, or the following morning if yours is an evening arrival. You will then progress through the course at your own pace.

Instructors dedicated to you

On our courses, no time need be spent waiting for tandem jumps to finish. This is a notorious problem in many Drop Zones. We understand that your time is a precious commodity. We never chop and change instructors; some schools do this in order to maintain ´fluid´ operation (i.e. to keep the plane moving at all costs). This can often be confusing to students, who understandably prefer to stick with one instructor from start to finish.