Tandem Skydive Madrid

A tandem skydive is the easiest way to make your first parachute jump . Attached securely to your tandem instructor, you get to experience the ride of your life while while having the lowest responsibility possible. We are very close to Madrid and the experience typically takes an hour to complete.

About the safety and training.

Your personal instruction before the jump will include specific training on exiting the aircraft, arching your body in freefall. You will also be familiarized with the workings of your tandem parachute and how to steer it ( should you chose to its possible ) during the parachute descent. Landing procedures ( which are simple ) are also  covered.

Before each segment of the experience you will be reminded as your instructor will be talking to you in the aircraft and again once the parachute is opened. Wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothes and shoes. The dropzone will supply you with a jumpsuit, goggles, altimeter and harness to secure you to your jump master.

The Freefall and parachute ride !

Once in the aircraft you will be secured tighly to your instructor, you can chat with him or her freely as you climb with the other parachutists to exit altitude ( 4000 meters or higher ). The climb will take about 15 minutes. Once your turn arrives, after the final safety check you and your instructor will move towards the door. If you have decided to have freefall photos or video taken your professional camera person will climb outside the aircraft to capture what are normally some unique expressions :) Ready , set ..go…

 You will initially feel as if your falling as you accelerate towards 200 kmph. The feeling of falling however will soon be replaced by flying. You have to experience it to understand. Your freefall will last about a minute before the giant parachute made for two is opened by your parachuting instructor. Once he has completed his checks he will allow you steer the parachute also using your own set of steering lines [ he will monitor you and give you instructions e.g left or right ]. The parachute descent takes for or five minutes and when at 500 meters your instructor will assume steering responsibilities and guide you to a soft landing in our expansive airport.

Skydiving Video and or Photos ?

We are sure you will not forget your skydiving experience in a hurry, however a souvenier and means to share the experience with your friends both in person and online you can have a professional freefall videographer accompany you during all phases of your experience. They will video you preparing for the skydive , your ascent in the aircraft and of course your jumping of the airplane followed by the freefall. The video or series of photos finish with your landing. You can have either video or photos or for total coverage have both. For video an edited HD DVD or photos a DVD containing up to 200 hundred Hi resolution images will be ready for you 20 minutes after you land.