We offer an inclusive skydiving holiday package for those wishing to take the AFF course in Spain. You choose the departure date and then we confirm availability. There are no rigid start dates. Decide when it’s best for you and leave the rest to us.

Take the hassle out of your skydiving holiday

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Let us arrange everything for you. We offer tailored packages for the discerning traveller. Below is a summary of what our ‘all-in’ package includes. You can get a more detailed idea of cost from our prices page. The standard package is for six days, but there’s nothing to stop you from staying longer.

We can help you plan your budget

Our costs are all-inclusive for your travel, accommodation and the course, with the exception of insurance. Expect to pay about 27 GBP for full insurance. This includes medical cover. Your quote document will provide a detailed breakdown of all charges.

Flights from 20 UK and Irish Airports.

Flights can be arranged from most UK and Irish airports. Flights are on a return basis and in the vast majority of cases we can offer morning or evening flights. Remember, you can start your course on a day of your choosing and stay for as long as you like; it’s completely flexible. You will receive your tickets by courier approximately 48 hours after booking.

Metro Train system in Madrid.

If you want to set plenty of money aside for jumping, you can economise by using the reasonably priced, reliable public transport networks, for which we can give you detailed times and directions. When you arrive at the train station we can meet you and take you either to the Drop Zone facility or to your accommodation. Trains and buses run every 30 minutes to Madrid.

School Driver

If you prefer, the school’s driver (our drivers are always former graduates of the school) is available to meet you at the airport and bring you to us. When you’ve collected your luggage, simply walk into the public area and the driver will be waiting for you with a large plaque bearing your name. Your driver will attend to all your transport needs throughout your stay.

Car Hire.

Or perhaps you would like to hire a car and drive yourself, which of course offers greater mobility. Many of our students choose this option and it costs less than you might think. Having a car is a bonus, especially if you feel like heading off shopping and taking advantage of Spain’s lower prices. You can explore Toledo or Madrid at your leisure, or go snowboarding or Karting etc.

DZ Hotel, or a Hotel in nearby Madrid?

There are accommodation options to suit all budgets and tastes. Many people choose to stay in the nearby city of Madrid as it offers a wide range of après jump activities. The provincial town of Aranjuez, with its royal palace and other historic buildings, is a popular option for people bringing non jumping partners who might otherwise get “bored” staying in the Drop Zone.

Ground School, 8 Levels of AFF and Free Video.
Ground School.

The ground school section of the course will begin either on the day you arrive, or first thing the following morning. Ground Schools start five days a week. The comprehensive scope of the AFF ground school is such that you need have no prior skydiving experience. Using a series of multimedia aids and the accompanying “skydiving manuals” we will bring you from a point of knowing little or nothing about the sport to the level required to complete your first “solo” skydive. That is to say, you will know how to complete a solo skydive but for the time being your newly acquired knowledge is simply a tool to enable you make the most of your practical freefall instruction.

BPA 8 Level AFF Course with Video of all Jumps.

You will be taught by British Instructors and complete the 8 level AFF course including the specific items required by the BPA for your “A” license. This covers the requirements for most other skydiving systems. All your jumps will be recorded in high resolution HDD format and an edited version of your skydiving holiday will be presented to you on DVD when you graduate.