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Welcome to our Skydiving for Beginners section. This is where you’ll find out all you need to know about our Accelerated Freefall (AFF for short) courses in Spain. No previous skydiving experience necessary. The course has been specifically designed to accommodate complete beginners.

Accelelerated freefall Course

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If you’ve ever contemplated taking up skydiving as a sport, this is the course for you! It’ll take you from absolute beginner to confident solo skydiver in a matter of days. Our experienced British skydiving instructors, based in Spain, will have you up and jumping in no time.

Accelerated Freefall Course

Skydiving Package Deal.

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We have put together reasonably priced packages to make things easier for you. In each area there are options that you can change to your taste and budget. If your preference is not specified just ask us and we will make the arrangements. For the advanced freefall course and 10 solo skydives to get your license allow 4 – 7 days stay.
Skydiving Holidays Package Deals

Why Train in Madrid / Central Spain ?

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There are a number of reasons to explore but the primary one is lack of proximity to the sea and mountain ranges which can produce cloud and wind ( especially wind! ) . Wind is bad for student skydivers due to the lower safety limits whereas cloud and fog also ground you as you cant see where you are going when flying your parachute.

Why train in Central Spain ( Madrid )?

Skydiving Introduction

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If you are not sure about taking up skydiving as a hobby but would like to ” try it out ” with a bit more responsibility than a tandem skydive then this is the course for you. You skydive with your own parachute , thus experiencing freefall and fly the parachute with some radio assistance. You can go on from these to complete your solo skydiving license if you wish.

Skydiving Introduction – 1 Day Course