Welcome to the news section for April. This is the third page for the month. All is good . Into the last week and some quality skydiving to come.

26th April 2003
Congratulations to Joseph Forest who graduated his AFF course.

Others gathered around in one of the training rooms to watch the DVD of his gradaution.

Welcome to Paul who is here to do an AFF course. He is almost finished now. He did his ground school and first six levels of AFF in a day and a half.

Welcome to Michael Hughes who joins us for an AFF course.

Welcome to Jonathan who joins us for a formation skydiving course.

Welcome to… anwers on a postcard 🙂

Paddy, one of our AFF students on climb for another AFF skydive.

Looks like a happy man after passing his AFF course!
Welcome back to Sam Stokes who trained with us some weeks ago and who has already taken his second holiday.

Welcome to Lawrence Knight who is here to learn to skydive.

Welcome to Ben Preece who joins us for an AFF course.

The smaller restuarants just wont do some nights now as the gang of skydivers seems to growing every day.. this night there was 24 of us in the Chineese.

Ok Off to Avalon late bar..

28th April

Well done to Paul Fallanche who has finished his AFF course. He is now skydiving solo to beat the band..

Well done to Michael Hughes who has finished his AFF course and is now also skydiving solo..

Welcome to Philip Potton who is here to learn to skydive on the AFF course. He is now on level five of the course and is pictured here with his instructor Tim.

Welcome to James Piddington who is here to undertake a formation skydiving course. This is James´ fourth visit to the Freefall University.

Welcome to Michael Cambridge who is here to learn to skydive on the AFF course. He has done his ground school yesterday and at the time of writing was all but finished his course. Many people have commented at the speed of progression , finding it surprising. We are all about training and as this is our focus , in tandem with one student one instructor there is no hanging around. Arrive, fly , enjoy and go solo in no time at all..

Welcome to Michael Mulligan from Dublin who arrives to learn on to skydive on the AFF course. This has been a long time ambition for Michael and we look forward to taking you into freefall over the skies of the FFU Ocaña.

Wilkomen! Welcome to Arzu from Germany who is here to learn to skydive. Proving that girls make great skydivers once more Arzu has breezed through the course with Ulli with some spot on text book levels.. With 2 hours of flight to go she is on level 6 having arrived yesterday morning.

Congratulations to Lee who has passed his formation skydiving course with a topping ten points. Luci back from her team training camp is jumping to the max to get our formation skydiving students through the course in double quick time. Time spent on ouf FS courses is not a rubber stamp affair .. you will learn to fly.

Welcome back to Lee or Cottie in our forum who has come back to mix it up with some freefly and BASE jumping. Lee was ready for an intermediate object which is located close to the DZ.

Welcome to Derrick who joins us to learn to skydive.

Some fun jumpers went along to the BASE site to join the BASE jumping evening ( which .. an interesting experience watching BASE.. makes you realise just how close the the line 300ft is !

Jonathan from the UK is also doing his formation skydiving course with Luci… top drawer skydiving here he is seen preparing for the four way qualification dive.

And a group shot for Jonathan with a slight difference.

Meanwhile for our graduates and guests solo jumps to beat the Band. Today was Joseph Forrests last day jumping with us.. See you again soon Joseph.

Sit back relax , nice temps that are not to hot. This area is about to change with the upgrade to a recreation area with a BBQ pit , bar and picnic benches.

Dan or dangerousdan in our forum was also on the BASE trip and is pictured here stuffing away his canopy for packing back at the DZ.

Would you like to learn to BASE jump ( or learn to skydive , freefly, birdman , formation skydive, skysurf ) …

its all at the Freefall University..

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