This week has seen a group of 5 skydiver from London come skydive with us in Spain.


Temperatures this month:

Night time :11 degrees :::Daytime   : 24 degrees ( Average from 9am to sunset )

Maximum day: 27 degrees ( Peak temperature is generally from 1pm to 5:30pm ) and the temp you are likely to jump in.

Sun Index : Medium.


1st April:

A new day , a new month and what a start! Congratulations to our first new skydiver in April. The first of April but no April fool well done to Karen from London  who had a great course. She is pictured here with her AFF Instructor Tim Boyd. In some ways things never change , 7 years after this page was written there are still large groups coming from London to learn to skydive

Well done also to Robert who completed his AFF course this afternoon. Super job Robert! He too by request trained with Tim.

Welcome also to Mathew O´ Riordan who joins us for a long weekend of parachuting from the UK. He is photographed here with Joni Mallet from London  who now has 28 skydives since qualifying with us. Perhaps shes going for the school record for the most number of jumps after finishing her AFF course in less than 24 hours!

Welcome also to Pete Cottrell a former AFF student from early last year. Peter is a deep sea diver but took up parachuting with us a year ago.

Welcome also To Robert Page who is here to learn to skydive . He is pictured here just before boarding practicing the exit on the mock up. His instructors are Luci and Juan for this jump. Robert did his ground school this morning and first AFF level this evening.

The Freeflyboys! Welcome also to Robert Tyler who paired up with Mathew for some freefly fun over Ocaña.

Dan A pleasure as always! Dan Atkins is a former AFF student and a regular return visitor who stopped in for a bit of “Leppin” from perfectly good aeroplanes.. Dan is from Ireland. He did his advanced freefall course last year and now has some 100 skydives.

Meanwhile Michael Woodward has been jumping his socks off , he came from the UK ( on easyjet ) for four days jumping and we will let you know his final tally of skydives on Monday evening.

2nd April.

Welcome to Nicholas Waller who joins us to learn to skydive. He arrived this morning and was straight into his ground school with his instructor. They are pictured here during the multimedia presentation for canopy control.

Nicholas is a from Leicester and he’s a full time sailor.

Well done to Robert Page who has only one jump of his AFF course left to do. He is premanifested and will be on the first load in the morning. Our one student one experienced instructor strikes again..

Well keep you posted on Roberts Progress tommorrow.

Sylvans conquest of the skies goes on unabated he has now done the first ten skydives of his block training with Louis.

Well Joni , how many skydives you up to now, its hard to keep count. Congratulations on completing the CH1 canopy course.

Together Again! Welcome back to Katie Hearn who graduated with the FFU last year. She is here to complete her formation skydiving course. Welcome back also to Rachel Wenham who trained with her at the same time.

Meanwhile Nick Golding who only arrived yesterday to do his AFF course is pictured here getting ready for his AFF  skydive level six. This was his last jump of the day ( 4pm ) . He decided to have a rest and finish off tommorrow morning. Hes on the “early bird”… the 9am load..assuming everybody survives the crash course in Spanish Nightlife in Aranjuez tonight that is….

Word is the normal University students in town are going pretty wild on their Spring Uni cheques..

So an action packed few days for us at the Freefall Uni and plenty more to come this month with groups coming from north and  south London . Tomorrow we welcome four new intrepid adventurers from the UK to complete their AFF courses with Spains most experienced team. Mathew Legett, John Beresford , Catherine Curtis and Nicholas Friend join us for some fun in the sun… This month also saw our record booking. Roberto Queto from Portugal has just booked in for an AFF course and also bought 500 tickets to be used over the summer.. We expect him to complete that over about 2.5 months at a leisurley pace..

If you would like to come out then why not check our availability ?

4th April

Congratulations to Robert Page who has finished his parachuting  coursein  double quick time and started to skydive solo yesterday. He also did a few solos today. Robert will be with us for the next week jumping his socks off..

Tom who came with Robert for a few days holiday decided to do a tandem. Normally at this point poeple are shouting ” oh my f$%%$ god ” ,,,not tom..he looks well happy as hes about to head off into freefall..

Nicholas Waller also finished his AFF course and has completed most of his consolidation jumps. Here you see him on the climb with his instructor Luci on the left.

Pilots like to fly , but not too much. So now Edward has been given a well earned holiday and Danielle as back to fly us to altitude. Danielle flew with us last year and then worked for our avaition company in the Canaries and Portugal. Welcome back Danielle!


Mitching of work again.. happy days . we were joined by a few guys from the south of england  who arrived to take advantage of our midweek jumping.

Meanwhile we have been joined by some new recruits to the sport. Nicholas Friend and Glynn somers join us to learn to skydive. They did their ground school and straight away got into some skydiving..Look at the state of one of that whiteboard..Sylvan your a grafitti artist.. 🙂


Glynnlooks cool calm and collected as he gets ready to do his level two..


Sally Oberton is back from Dublin for her second holiday this year.


Smiles all round! Welcome to Kate Curtis who completed her ground school with Tim yesterday. By the end of today she was on level five .. Well done Kate .. your hot on Joni Mallets heels for the record..



Congratulations also to Nick Golding who completed his AFF course and has finished his consolidation jumps. Super course Nick !

Welcome also to Matthew Legget who completed his ground school and first two levels of AFF today. Hes pictured here walking in from the landing area..

Welcome also to Jonathan Beresford who joins us to learn to skydive. He is pictured here on the left with Mathew and did his first two level of AFF and should get most if not all his course finished tommorrow.

6th April 2006

Heres Nick Friend who is on one of our AFF courses. He is pictured here running over the communication on exit for his AFF level seven with Ulli. We got a good deal done today thanks to some lovely weather.

Nick went onto graduate and do some solo skydives. We accompanied him up for one of his last consolidation jumps. Here he is pictured in a tuck , just after exit.

Sweet ! Regular altitude checks are the order of the day. Getting out at 13-14K you get around 60 seconds in freefall, can you count to sixty ? Best check the clock..

Congratulations also to Kate who finished her AFF course and qualified to skydive solo. She has since been on every load she can manage and has finished her consolidation jumps.

How many jumps now Nick ? Nick has finished his consol jumps and is doing this just for fun having met all the A license requirements.

Glynn is lovin it ! Hes here getting ready for his level six skydive with Luci . He went onwards to graduate his AFF course and is now a qualified solo skydiver! Well done Glynn.

Here is Mat on his level five. Happy Camper !

7th April

Another Day at the drozpone and all our students are graudated heres Robert getting ready for another Solo…enjoy!

Edward, one of our pilots meanwhile cant seem to get enough of the dz. Hes on ” holiday ” from flying and in the most unusual of body positions is spending his time jumping from Daniellas porter !

Robert comes in for a tippy toe landing in the student landing area which is grassed. There are areas that are not grassed also , and these are even softer ( we plough them to keep them that way ) so first jump students prefer to land in the non grassed section .

Nick….what a great freefall Grin you have there ! Nick is loving hte solo skydives !

Welcome to Ralf Taner who joined us after a long lay off from the sport. We put him through a ground and air refresh and now hes jumping solo again and soon to complete our formation skydiving course .

Nick ! Smashing course , well done . Nick is now finished his consolidation jumps also and is pictured here With Ulli who was his AFF instructor. Nick like all our students this week completed his packing course and knows how to pack his own parachute. Not bad for a few days at the Freefall Uni.

Welcome to Georgia from Leeds who joins us for an introduction to skydiving weekend. You can tailor the package to your needs completing a tandem + AFF level one as or a tandem on its own. Georgia has decided to go on and do the full course!

Packing like a PRO! Nick who passed his packing test earlier in the week is now pro packing his own gear. The basic test is in flat packing but once youve done this if you want to go onto learn the more common method of pro packing which in most cases is easier we are happy to teach you. ( Be advised however that many centres in the UK prefer you to flat pack if your packing rental gear ).

Hamish who is a barrister from London came on our intro package for the weekend and has was instantly hooked , hell be back in a few days to get stuck into the full AFF course also .

Remember we talked about a new plane , well were getting two of them! We will be the proud owners of a -34 porter which will rocket you up to altitude and also a -27 will be leased for tandems at the weekend. Both planes will fly with a mimimum of five and a max of nine. Now getting the jumps you want is going to be even easier..

Welcome back to Katja! Katja was the first AFF graduate ever in the Freefall University a few years ago now 🙂 and still pops in from time to time to say hello and skydive with us.


April 8th

Welcome to Peter Dolbel who joins us for our BASE course. Peter is from Jersey.

Welcome to Antony Antonio who joins us to complete his AFF course. Antony is an officer in the British Army.

Welcome to Adeoye Sanni from London who joins us for an AFF course.

Sunset load for Robert, his sixth jump of the day. Peter took this piccy of him.

April 7th

Welcome to Robin who joins us for some freefly coaching.

Adeoye is doing great , he is on level seven next. Here is he is just before pull time on his level three with Luci and Paula.

Antoni is also doing fab on his course and is on level six next.

Welcome to Louis who also joined us for the base course. The BASE students have completed all their canopy and packing training now and are heading off to the bridge..

Shiny new plane! This is the first of the new porters ..

Welcome to Danny Jenkins who joins us to complete an FS1 course. Danny trained with us last August as an AFF student and this is his second visit back since.




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