Andy Telfer . AFF Graduate .

Absoloutely f*!king hoofing! definitely the best 6 days fun in my life! And that was down to my A1 instructor ! The whole course was spot on and although we had great fun, he was always totally proffessional and made sure everything was safe and smooth. During the skydives I felt totally relaxed, calm and loving every minute.

My best jump was level six when I did a front looping exit, its was a mad experience and I was screaming with pleasure, and quickly followed up by signalling for me to a back loop !! what a blast !!. On my graduation day I was up until 5.30am in Aranjuez and then managed a few hours kip then getting up to the DZ for a days jumping. This is the life for me…

In the words of Ben Stiller in starsky & Hutch ” DO IT !! ”



Michael Lall . From London AFF Graduate .

Well what can i say about skydiving? Its f##king mental, the best feeling ever, a mix of pure fear, adrenaline and peace all at the same time!!! A massive thankyou to everyone at the freefall university especially my instructor Daniel (aka me hermano), he was brilliant, training me at my own pace, filling me with confidence and making me laugh throughout. The equipment and facilities were excellent, the location perfect and the staff professional and friendly. So what are you waiting for!!! My favourite jump was the unstable exit, I front rolled out of the plane like a ninja before making myself stable and tracking across the sky, taking in the amazing views. In the words of christopher “You are a super tracking machine”. After a days skydiving all of us would gather in the bar and swap stories of the days skydives, whilst getting hammered at the same time in one of the many bars and clubs in Aranjuez. I had an amazing holiiday, enjoyed every minute of it, meeting some really cool people who I know I will jump with again. All you need to do is relax, breath and arch.

Mike ”is my cypres on” Lall

21 jumps in 8 days.

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