Andy Nicklin , FFU Ocaña AFF Graduate.

After some static line jumps and a tandem skydive I wanted to do AFF for some time. Upon convincing some mates to join me I looked around for some places to do it!

I chose the Freefall University because from even the initial enquiry their approach was one both friendly and professional. For the two months prior to arrival constant contact was kept ensuring we had all our needs met prior to arrival.

Spain has fantastic weather and maximum time is Spent jumping. Allowing three weeks to come to Spain we combined this as a holiday for a bit of relaxation and did not anticipate completing the AFF course in 3 days. This has however allowed more time to continue jumping.

I personally was somewhat apprehensive of my first jump. My fears were set at ease by the professional approach yet relaxed atmosphere of the the training.

All of the instructors are extremely experienced and their enthusiasm is inefectious. Their various backgrounds ensure that they are knowladgeable in every aspect of the sport. Including competing at the highest level of the sport.

Upon completion of the AFF course I have been building towards undertaking the formation skydiving (FS1 ) course. The atmosphere at the dropzone is one that makes you feel part of the team. No question was too stupid and I would reccomend the Freefall University to skydivers at all levels. Both AFF and team formation skydiving training were at a high standard from what I could see. And for those whose friends dont want to do a full course bring them over for a tandem .

Gareth Tennant , FFU Ocaña AFF Graduate .

I started the AFF course feeling very apprehensive . We built up to the first jump with a ground school and although the instructors were very reassuring and professional i was nervous as we took off the next morning.

As I left the aircraft my nerves turned to excitement. Since that first jump I have not stopeed, everytime I am on the ground I want to be back in the air. I completed the AFF in 9 jumps ( 1 repeat ) and went on to do 20.

The FFU Spain is an excellent place to skydive due to the weather and the instructors. The staff are all very friendly. Im sure i will be back here in the near future to jump more.


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