Birdman . Freefly , formation skydiving .. its all at the Uni

Stop falling and start flying! Whether looking for your first flight, first flock or beyond the Uni has the instructor for you.

More about Birdman Wingsuits

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“Time to stop falling and start flying” just about sums Birdman up. This is as close as you’re ever likely to get to unaided human flight in 3 dimensions. You can circle clouds instead of falling “down the tube”; gravity’s energy is converted into forward speed, in some cases in excess of 100 km/h. You can begin your preparations after as few as 150 skydives but given the nature of Birdman flight there are a few things we should mention before you start stretching your wings.

Previous experience for Birdman?

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It’s recommended that a skydiver has had at least 150 freefall jumps in the past 18 months before receiving the FFC (first flight course) from a BMI (Birdman Instructor). The first flight should be one-on-one with a BMI. Skydivers with 500+ current freefall jumps may fly solo on their first flight after undertaking the ground school with a BMI.

Equipment requirements?

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Rig – BOC and kill-line PC only
Main Parachute – The most important thing is that you’re comfortable with the canopy characteristics. However, elliptical canopies are not recommended. AAD (mandatory on our drop zone) Altimeter – Wrist or hand mounted altimeters work best. Audible Altimeter

What is included in the Wingsuit first flight course
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- DVD Seminar, theory , ground practice
- Your own copy of the manual
- Gearing Up
- Weather conditions
- Handle placement and pull time procedures,
- Flight pattern/Safety issues /Malfunction  procedures
- Exits ,Body position and maximizing Flight