Birdman . Freefly , formation skydiving .. its all at the Uni

The Freefall University’s team of dedicated professionals, skilled in the various skydiving disciplines, is here to help you achieve your skydiving ambitions. Whether you have 20 skydives behind you and want to learn to skydive in formation or 1000 jumps and want to take up Birdman, we can help you…

Birdman Wingsuit courses and events:

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“Time to stop falling and start flying”, that’s the motto of our chief Birdman instructor. If you’re a “fledgling” we can get you started; if you’ve “flown” before we can teach you to do it better, and if you’re already experienced, we can even help you to become a qualified instructor yourself. We also run regular Birdman events.

Birdman Wingsuit courses

Formation Skydiving FS1 or SkydiveU:

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Our formation skydiving course can be tailored to the individual. Whether you’re a beginner looking to achieve your FS1 rating or perhaps a more experienced skydiver with a desire to improve, our BPA formation skydiving coaches can help you.

Formation skydiving courses

Freefly Training or events?

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Our Freefly instructors are outstanding in their field. Not only are they excellent coaches, they also have an impressive collection of medals between them, won over the years in both UK and international competitions. They can guide you on your Freefly journey from FF1 to FF2 and beyond. You can also witness their remarkable skills at one of our regular Freefly events.

Free fly training FF1 / FF2

Base Jumping Course and expeditions:

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There are strict selection criteria for this course. BASE jumping carries additional risks but with the correct training from an experienced mentor those risks can be reduced. We can help you prepare both in terms of equipment and technique.

Base Jumping Course