Adam Conduct , UK , FFU Freefly beginner Student.

I turned up at the DZ having never had any FF coaching before and not quite knowing what to expect. Louis, with ease, puts your mind at rest and quickly gets you into the swing of things with excellent briefs and obvious expertise from the off. Day 1 I spent learning to backfly, this was a bizarre experience as it was the first time ever, on purpose anyway, that I had spent any prolonged period on my back. It seemed that I just couldn’t get out of the habit of sticking my legs out, this resulted in doing 360’s at break neck speed.

A couple of sols later this skill came a lot more naturally.. Swiftly Louis moved me along to try and get into a sit position, it was amazing how much confidence you get by having constant tips and advice. It didn’t just stop at the jumping as well but catered right down the equipment aspects, very informative. I was very impressed at how the coaching was tailored to meet your very own requirements, it was not just a matter of getting up in the air and being shown a video of you jump afterwards. I was now at the point of getting vertical, time and time again, just for a couple of seconds I was there, vertical then, wam, back onto my back as all stability in the sit position goes. The smile after FF jumps was akin to going back to AFF just for the sheer thrill. Louis will make it work for you, his enthusiasm is obvious, never doubt his motives, FreeFlyers are the future and you will become one of them..

Chris Sargant, Formation Skydiving graduate and former AFF student.

I was very happy with my second holiday with the Freefall University. I loved Ocaña and Aranjuez ( what a nice city).

Please thank everyone in Manifest for their helpfull and freindly manner, and thanks to you for your help in organising what has been another fantastic week. Thanks also to Daniel for the fabulous FS training. I’m now right out of annual leave (and money!), but I hope to see you all again next spring!



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