As mentioned yesterday, a flying week with some amazing students. We all decided to go for a meal to cheers restaurant. I manged to stuff a large burger and fries, however Louis showed me how they eat in Scotland finishing off a gigantic XL Burger; which I can only describe as a Mountain of chips.  Makes sense, as he is an avid mountain walker, so a mountain sized portion will only do.  Steve O our AFF Instructor decided to come along for ride and spill his gnarly tails of 22 years experience on Drop zones across the world.


Ally and Kyle, decided to rebook there flight back  and stayed an extra day to make sure they could complete their bearded journey to becoming a skydiver.


I want to say that this week has been sensational, we have had a great bunch of monkeys on the Drop zone this week, and we are looking forward to seeing some more familiar faces again, as well as new one. If you have a dream to fly through the magnificently blue skies of sunny Spain. We have the scene here for you, as well as great vibes and a awesome bar for after entainment.



Blue skies, and hope to see you all very soon.


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