Exclusive : Rated S for Skygod. “The boys are back in town” is coming to a cimema near you this Autum and Winter. Introducing Tony Stack , Jon Edmomsom, Andy Glegg and Mark Atherton the film is already tipped for the Oscars to include the coveted ” best camera geek ” category. Pen Fold from the Guardian newspaper described it was a contemporary work which will not only capture the imagination of skygods all around the globe but stars some soon to be A list fellas with a troupe of groupies sure to camp on their front lawn. Shot entirely on location at the Freefall Uni in Madrid all was completed uneventfully ( assuming you exclude moonwalking on the bar in Cheers to the screams of the local college girls)… The only notable exception or interuption to filming was the near loss of a video camera who despite doing over twice the speed of sound one of our staff  managed to catch allowing filming to be wrapped up on time and in budget. Good Catch.