When the boys come into town all the girls go crazy:-), Tony Stack, Mark Atherton, Steve Luke, Jon Edmondson and Andrew Glegg are in the house for fun in the spanish  sun. Skydiving by day and Aranjuez and Madrid by night.  They are the advance party in a group of ten jumpers coming down from the UK for some fun jumping. Some have completed their AFF course here earlier this year and for others it is their first visit to us in Madrid.  Hope you have a great time fellas . Plan ” v ” then plan ” viii “.

Clark who started jumping yesterday morning is pretty much done with the
AFF course and is going up for his level 7 next.

Rock and Roll Terry !

Carl finished  his AFF Course yesterday, he says this is the best thing he
did so far in his life, hes getting through the consolidation jumps today. Nice one Carl we can identify … skydiving is not surpassed by much .

Bryan Farnan from Ireland dropped in for some fun jumping and found a jump buddy in Shae seen here getting ready for a 2 way formation skydive.