Fred ( left )  from London and Stephen ( Right ) from Scotland joined forces in our  wingsuit school to complete the first jump course.  They are seen here in 2 of of our rental suits getting ready for their first solo flight.  We have several different suits for wingsuiters to try out before making a purchase decision on what suit they would like to purchase for themselves.

Welcome to Clark Gibson from England, Clark arrived yesterday afternoon  from London to complete his Accelerated Freefall Course with us  in Madrid.  By the end of today he had completed his first three levels.

A big welcome back to Shae originally  from Canada but now living in Bristol, she did her AFF course with us earlier this year and this time she is back for some more adventure over the skies of Madrid.  For Shae this is her third trip to the uni and she has arrived with 50 skydives completed. In fact Shae while perusing the options has done all her skydiving here given better weather and a great vibe is just a short easyjet ride away.

Carl Britten who is a soldier from Bristol joined us for a skydiving holiday  on short notice.
Mike took  him through the accelerated freefall  training , he finished his course in 3 days and is now getting into the solo skydiving already.

Welcome to Terry Roberts who just arrived for the accelerated freefall course having done his level one in Netheravon last weekend.  He arrived in the early afternoon and completed a safety orientation course to take account of jumping with a new instructor at a new dropzone. Judging by the buckets of enthusiasm Terry brought with him he will be a regular at the Army parachute center when he finishes the course given its just next door to him.

Jason Mortier  from the UK also joined us to complete the accelerated freefall program, later I will put on our website the videos of his skydives and you will get to see how well he has been doing.

Khoi from England seen here   gets ready to do his level one skydive.

Clint is seen here getting ready for his  1st coached jump  having completed all his consolidation jumps ( he is actually now on about 35 jumps in ten days ). He made the now infamous ” dont put the kettle on im not coming home ” call and bought a block of 50 jumps and extended his stay by ten days. Nice.  He was last seen working on project ” X ” . If you made it all the way down here and want to know why this bulletin is called the pythagoras theorom , I really have no idea :)

One last thing , Props to Josh who bought himself 200 jump tickets whilst setting himself the ambitious target ( but well achievable especially on a diet of weetabix ) of doing them in 6 weeks. At the rate he is jumping , having arrived as an accelerated freefall student he will leave flying wingsuits.