Johnny Morton came from Belfast to Learn to skydive with us. He finished his AFF course in 3 days of jumping. In this his level seven skydive He did a floating exit ( where you face the  wind  which initially comes at you along the aircrafts  line of flight ) and pretty soon he was into a loop after checking with his instructor. Once recovered he did a sweet track, then  some turns.

Special note , a thumbs down signal from his instructor does not mean ” bad job ” far from it ! Its a signal to arch or push your pelvis down (  get into a bananna shape ) so you are more aerodynamic. You can see as he responds he starts to speed up and he is even more stable. He capped the dive with a great parachute  opening sequence to graduate this portion of his accelerated freefall , with his level 8 and high altitude consolidation  jumps to follow. Nice job Jonny and enjoy jumping in the Wild Geese BPA dropzone. ( Maggy is expecting you !)

Speaking of the Geese , if you  are in Northern Ireland and are either a qualified jumper passing through or want to complete a tandem skydive its a center we can highly recommend.  They also undertake static line parachute courses  for people who wish to learn to parachute jump via this method.


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