The skydiving weekend has been exciting  for a number of reasons , it could be that we introduced 230 people to the sport parachute jumping through tandem parachute jumps . It could be that we trained 6 new AFF graduates ( that is extra special and what we love doing ) ..  It could be that the waiting time for a parachute  jump once requested was kept below 20 minutes due to a multi aircraft operation or it could be that that with the support of  fun jumpers from the Greater Madrid and the UK in particular  we almost doubled our  parachute jump numbers  from last year. The most visually exciting thing though was seeing more and more of our wingsuit flyers turn up to do some random but planned ( english professors hold your tongue ! ) 10 and 15 ways over the skies of Madrid.

The birds.

Domingos Mamede, originally from Portugal but long term resident of Manchester joined me this morning to begin the  accelerated freefall parachuting program. He is seen here in ground school wearing a parachute. Ground school commenses with a thorough review of parachute equipment and parachute procedures.

Welcome back to Joe who completed his accelerated  parachuting   Course and consols with us last month but is back for some fun in the sun. We dont have the channel tunnell but we do have a 3 hour link to the heart of London now. You could be sight seeing around the house of Parliment and be with us 3 hours later over the skies of Madrid thanks to the new rail link from Madrid Airport to the dropzone.

Nick Hopkins who completed the Accelerated Freefall course with us last month also returns for more skydiving and perhaps to get into the formation skydiving course. Nick who is from London is no stranger to advenure . He is already qualified as an acrobatic and sea plane pilot and deap sea diver .. for him parachuting  was an extension of a passion for the sky.

Congratulations to Louise who  completed her AFF course and got into the consols with confidence.

Here is Louise on what I believe is her level seven skydive, tracking.

And doing a stable , unstable , recover stability routine in the form of a loop .

With the dive plan complete time for a  double thumbs up to the camerawoman…nice !