Luke Maddison arrived only 3 days ago never having done a skydive before and yet here he is skydiving solo ..  Its a totally unnatural act to jump out of an aeroplane yet Lukes doing it cannonball style curled up in a ball on this , his 15th skydive on day number 3.

Thumbs up to the camerawoman in freefall after recovering stability.

And a quick turn , humm ok its a photo.. but i know its a turn because of the body position … One arm slightly down ,, one arm slightly up.. Imagine your turning a big steering wheel..

Zelem aka the ” Fonz ”  gets ready for skydive number 15  ,, not bad given he arrived  here 3 days ago.

Track like a bullet… Tracking is used to move larger distances horizontally in the sky.. For example if you were on a formation skydive you and your dive partner could not open your parachutes in the same place .. so each picks a heading and ” tracks” or flys off to their own part of the sky to open in solitude.

Lock on.. During your AFF course and consols ” lock on ” signifies focussing on your
altimiter for the last 1000 feet towards opening altitude. It serves several functions most important of which is reinforcing altitude awareness.